Improve Your English Speaking Skills With Just One Strategy

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Do you want to improve your English speaking skills?

In that case, all you have to do is to practice speaking. This means finding opportunities to speak English as often as possible, whether with a native speaker or with other non-native speakers.

Listening to English and studying grammar can help, but the best way to improve is to practice speaking as often as possible.

 But what if you don't have someone to practice English with? How can you improve your language skills then?

 If so, there's a great technique that can help you learn English speaking on your own. This method can help you with your sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and more importantly, your ability to express your thoughts and ideas.

 So, what is this technique? Read on to find out!


Learn English Through Imitation:

When I use the word "imitation," I'm not referring to simply repeating what native speakers say in order to improve your pronunciation. I'm talking about something that's a bit more advanced than that.


Here's how it works: you listen to a conversation, a story, or some kind of speech, and then try to deliver that speech in your own words. Let's see this technique in action:

  • When I was learning in school

  • When he was learning in school

  • my parents like me, like many other parents

  • his parents like him, like many other parents

  • My parents said that Santa Claus would bring us presents at Christmas.

  • His parents said that Santa Claus would bring them presents at Christmas.

  • So where I would play on Christmas morning

  • So where he would play on Christmas morning

  • There will be a bunch of presents, from supposedly Saint Nick, sitting before the fireside.

  • There will be a bunch of presents, from supposedly Saint Nick, sitting before the fireside.

So there you have it. But keep in mind, that this is just one way to approach the problem. There are other ways to learn a new language than just imitating small portions of speech. You can also learn by imitating larger portions of speech.


Imitating larger portions of speech can be more effective than imitating smaller pieces like phrases and sentences. When you wait until the speaker has completed an idea, you can better understand and express the idea yourself.

Another approach is to listen to the speech and then try to deliver it yourself. The pro tip is to combine all of the techniques together. I call this approach easy-to-hard

imitation. This can be a bit more challenging, but it will help you to understand the language and the structure of the speech.

Easy-to-hard imitation is a form of learning that allows us to progressively increase the difficulty of the activities we are imitating. By starting with something easy and then progressing to harder tasks, we can force ourselves to improve. Studies have found that this type of training is very effective.

But remember that small steps first! When you're first starting out, try imitating small pieces of speech-like phrases and short sentences. Then, you can move on to longer sentences and groups of sentences. With time and practice, you'll be able to deliver an entire speech on your own.

This technique can offer various benefits, such as gaining the ability to listen and imitate correctly spoken English, which can aid in sentence formation. Additionally, idiomatic expressions and other common speaking patterns can be learned, as well as grammar.

When you copy or act like other people, you're teaching yourself grammar through a process called implicit learning.

This is how babies and children learn the grammar rules of their first language: by learning without their awareness. This is the process through which they are able to understand and use language without explicit instruction.

Imitation is key to developing an understanding of grammar. You don't need to worry about the rules in specific situations, but rather focus on communication and expressing ideas.

By applying these tips, you will be continuing to learn grammar without even realizing it. And this is one of the most effective ways to learn grammar! 

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