Worlds Fastest Blockchain technology faster than SOLONA!

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Today we will talk about the worlds Fastest Blockchain technology . I am proud to say that it's developed and invented in our india 🇮🇳.

Upto the date we have Layer 1 and Layer 2 types blockchain technologies which has the problem of scalability issue in them because of the reason the transaction cost reaching the sky💹💹.

Let's us first see the transaction fees of the most popular coins:

1)Bitcoin transaction cost:

The bitcoin has the more transaction fees which is about the maximum profit should be taken in the form of transaction fees .

2)Etherium transaction fees:

Etherium transaction has the gas fees for nfts if it is mined in the Etherium chain .

First Let's talk about SOLONA The Etherium killer !

The SOLONA is called the Etherium and bitcoin killer interms of the blockchain and trasanction speed .

The SOLONA has got 10000% rate of growth in one year . It's amazing 💹🚀.

Let's talk about the worlds fastest blockchain technology the project is calling the Etherium and SOLONA killer:


Let's talk about how they achieved this amazing achievement in the blockchain industry.

The techpay has its own coin too which is called TECHPAYCOIN.

➡️It has its own blockchain is called TECHPAYCHAIN.

  • One of the great thing is that it's has made in india 🇮🇳.

  • It has the fastest blockchain technology.

  • It has the the fastest Speed interms of bitcoin it has 43000× times faster speed 🚀.

  • 20000× times faster than Etherium 🚀.

  • Even the SOLONA it's has 4.5× fast 😱 than the SOLONA.

Transaction fees :

It's very proud and happy to announce that it has the lowest transaction fees $0.0000021.

  • It's has the lowest transaction fees in the world for a single transaction.


The techpaychain is basically a blockchain of the techpay.

➡️It can do all type of works like mining of nfts , integrating of DAPPS and making of smartcontracts etc.,

➡️It's launching on the L-BANK exchange and the L-BANK EXCHANGE Is the worlds leading crypto exchanger platform and it comes under top 20 leading exchangers of the cryptocurrencies.

✔️Uses of techpaycoin:

This techpay coin should be used in the

  • Defiprotocols

  • Web3 networks

  • In the metaverse where the nfts will trade.

We can see that the different companies are giving thier own metaverse platforms and billions of peoples are waiting to enjoy the metaverses.

➡️Issues facing in the world before this platforms :

  • If your buying and selling the nfts it requires a gas fees and also for the transactions it need some amount of fees so it takes a bit time about some minutes sometimes hours.

  • This platform will make it easy and fast and convinient for the process to increase the way of transaction including speed.

Speed of the TECHPAYCHAIN:

➡️If we talk about the speed 🚀 the bitcoin has the transaction speed of 7transaction/ the block speed and accuracy will be low so the transaction takes upto 30-60 minutes for the transactions.

➡️The Etherium has the speed of 15 transactions/second it's double than bitcoin and the time is required to pass the transaction is 6-10minutes.

➡️Now let's talk about the SOLONA the fasterest blockchain transaction speed upto now has the transaction speed of 65ktransactions/s and the completion time takes only 6-7 seconds 😱 it's very quick.

➡️🚀The TECHPAY Speed:

The techpay has leaved all of the fastest blockchain transactions a far behind .

  • It will pass the 3Lakh transactions/second

  • It will take the very very bit time it's 1.15seconds to pass the 3Lakh transactions.

  • It's very special for the blockchain to pass the amount of transaction in the less time it's unbelievable.

  • It also has the lowest transaction fees in the world which is like free transaction.

  • It's very great too have a technology and hope it will be adopted in all the world .

How it achieved this :

The blockchain transactions are stucked in the triangle 🔺.

➡️It has 3 sides :

1) scalability.

2) Decentralisation.

3) security.

Usually all other blockchain will stuck in these three in the transactions and in that process they didn't complete all of these but they leave one of them remaining.

💹. 📈📉. 💹. 📉📈. 💹

But the techpay used a great technology to solve This :

Pbft & DAG

The pbft ensures that the security will be 10 times secured using this technology.

The DAG ensures that the transaction scalibility and it will scale it more and pass more transactions in the chain and also increase the more speed 🚀.it ensures the extremely fast transaction per second.

The future projects of TECHPAY:

  • The techpay chain is working in the list on the decentralised exchange list .

  • It will be easy to bridge on the other chains as Binance smartchain ,tron smartchain and other chains too.

I hope this information is helpful and you learned the new information guys let's make this article enjoyable and informative .

Ask the daubts in the comments ❓

Thank you so much for reading:)

Have a great day and stay safe .......

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