How I take care of my family?

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3 years ago

Hi everyone, I am Abbygod, I am a family responsible.

It's difficult to take care of your children when you don't have enough ressources. But me I try every they to satisfy their unlimited need and that is why I really like economics.

The basic words of my family are love and respect. Love is the first one because without love there is no family😘😘 I really try to love everyone equally, it is what is difficult for many parents. I love my wife the same way I love my children. Second thing is respect, the more you respect yourself, the more others Will respect you. I always practice respect toward my children and also my wife.

All my children love me and respect and it is the same for me. I can say I am a good father.

The secret to have a great family is just two things to cultivate in your life: Love and Respect.

I hope that you take lesson from my personal method of managing family.

I wish you the best in your family, never forger this cultivate love and respect in your family and you Will see that everything Will be better even if you don't have everything you need.

Don't ever disrespect the membres of your family, share your life story to them, give them affection, and never forger to correct them when they are wrong.

I hope you like my advices, they are real and you can try to use them to grow your family and continue your relation based on love❤❤❤❤❤

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