16th December 2021.

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2 years ago

All I ever wished for was not to get out of bed πŸ˜” as tired as I was but I still had to put myself together to stand up because the loads of work waiting for me today. Not forgetting busy and boring as usual....B2 ❗

Had a very quick shower,got dress(importantly making sure my hair edges comes out pretty as usual *one thing I can't forget to do no matter how late I am for work*🌝), packed my bag in almost a second,went to the kitchen and not to my greatest shock...there was no food and I took my bad and ran out of our apartment in a storey building where we lived. That was 8:25 am

Got to work at 26 minutes past 9 *surprised right* the traffic here is unbearable coupled with the fact that a particular route was blocked because of a ghastly accident that occurred a day before. Running as usual to the receptionist desk to sign in,peg my bestie at the second row desk 🌝 , throw goodmorning waves to my fellow colleagues and walk fast almost running to my station. I worked at the Medical station a.k.a ward as a lab scientist. One of the busiest stations in the company.

I started off to finish the day before's work,that wasn't much. Cleaned the work bench and filled in new entries into the register. The first patient came in,then the second,the third,the fourth,fifth, sixth *a total of 16 patients* and then I confirmed I was going to have a busy day because they were all newly employees who needed their medicals. So a good number of tests was to be done for each person. Despite the fact that there was IT student with me,it still didn't change anything because she was new and I needed to show her what to do which was much.

1:00 pm! I was drained ( not forgetting) I don't joke with my lunch as I was currently on a diet lol. My lunch break is usually 1 hour and I'm always sure to make good use of that time. I strolled to the canteen and ordered for my favourite food in the canteen... boiled egg and jollof rice that was my favourite meal with a bottle of chi exotic to make me feel warm and regain back strength after a lot was lost lol

Finished the meal on time today and got back to my station to continue as the number of patients increased. I was so engrossed in today's work as I payed less attention to my phone but it was all good as I missed no call *yeah! No-one calls lol* kept taking samples, releasing results of tests, uploading results on the system and answering yes Ma to the doctor in charge today.

I was drained,I expected it tho...lol

Ouuuu! Finally! 5:00pm I was done for the day 😌 not with all tests and samples tho...I arranged them and kept for my colleague,he was to take evening shift. I balanced my table and every other thing so it could be easier for him to continue. After that,I took my leave.

Got a free ride today from a patient who said was going my way. I was impressed and felt relieved as I no longer thought of running to meet up with a cab going my direction which would have been late. He dropped me off at my Street and went his way.

As tired as I was,I still managed to have a shower ,prepare dinner and slept off.

Woke up an hour later, picked up my phone and decided to write down how boring today went with its normal schedule, nothing new or interesting.😭

I'm still having hopes to explore and not just do work! Work!! Work!!! from Monday to Friday πŸ˜” Saturday at times.

Time to go! I love all my readersπŸ₯Ί

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