Passion is more powerful than profession .

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2 years ago
  • Aslam O Alaikum ..

  • HOw are yOu Guys...

Today we'll discuss about passion and prOfessiOn .

Let's start with the name Of LORD who is most beneficial ...


Profession depends upon ths facility and ability for doing any kind of work .

Like if yOu are reading this for just your fun you'll enjoy it by reading . On the other hand if you're not interested but you still reading you may feel Nervousness , that you don't want to read. But still reading without any reason πŸ˜‰. Yes it gives you the real money πŸ’° but it's not responsible for your rest , or not responsible for your SOUL .

Let me Talk about passion than I'll explain it briefly πŸ™‚.


The things which you think are necessary for you and for your Future are included in Passion . Basically passion is about to do that kind of work in which you're interested . Rather than that kind of things which makes you bored πŸ€ͺ .

It gives you the real meaning of life as well as well paid job πŸ˜‰πŸ’Ÿ.

I would like to explain my own Life story here is well ☺️...

  • It's about 5 years back when i was in my Matriculation level . I remembered that , that was our last day at school 🏫 . It was precious for my whole class InfaCt I can't say about others , so it was precious time for me infact it is , because i have remembered that time/day .

Our Math's teacher started to ask everyone about their future's plan everyOne answered accOrding to their Goal 🀠.

  • Now it was my time , I stand and I answered that" SIR I WANT TO BE A TEACHER LIKE AS YOU ARE ". The whole class start laughing on my answer πŸ˜‘ I felt very bad . But my TeaCher replies them that " there is no one who like be a professor and it's not a bad field at all ". That was an inspiration for me πŸ™‚ .

Today, Right after 5 years I'm a Teacher . I studied in DAE (DIPLOMA OF ASSOCIATE ENGINEERING ) . After completing my DAE i was free for some days than i received a Call from my College's Principal who invited me to join them as a LECTURER . At That time i feel very nervous Or yOu may say i was very exited .

I have no words to describe my feelings which I had that day . I can't imagine that the same day will appear in my near future .

  • I woked up early in the morning and did a shower 🚿. I was reached at College Before time and was waiting for Principal πŸ™„. As yOu now the Principal have their Own Principle's πŸ˜…. After some time he arrives i meet up with him and discussed about the Subjects . And that was the Day when I started my PASSION .

I have remembered the DATE as well as Day . FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 2020 .

Did yOu noticed that i use the word Passion πŸ˜‰.

Let me explain it now.

  • If you take decisions right on time than it'll be your profession Or if you will Plan about your Future and you worked hard to achieve that goal that'll be your PASSION .

TeaChing is my passion .

  • And Alhamdulillah I'm a Teacher πŸ’ž.

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