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*When a client is frustrated or upset, it is a great time to show your dedication towards working with them to remediate the situation.*

Beyond the professional advice and services hitherto proffered when everything is running smoothly, here is a time when the business relationship is not at its best.

P.S.: *Seize the moment, use the situation to your advantage.*

One area that is often overlooked when thinking about client retention is turning difficult situations into opportunities to earn your client’s trust.

• Use this time to consistently follow up with them.

• Meet with them in person.

• Provide detailed status updates as your company works through the problem.

• Listen to them as they voice their opinions.

• Go above and beyond for them, to show how much you "value the relationship."

P.P.S.: *Once the situation is resolved, reflect on the situation and as much as possible be proactive in the type of service you provide to avoid difficult situations in the future.*

Hope this was helpful? Because, understanding is priceless!!


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