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3 years ago

*"Customers are leaving. We ain't making sales."* This ain't the kind of testimonies I needed to hear from clients. This is *Wednesday ,* for crying out loud 😢😢.

But it did happen!

How? Why? When? Questions were coming from left, right and center ... *"Calm down!! I need y'all to be calming down, like this ...🤣🤣"*

That was on a lighter note, sha ... However, we did a *business diagnosis.* The knowledge of why they left or will leave was ascertained.


The question then is: *How can we quickly salvage the situation??*

Just a quick one!!

• Give brief to the following people of customer complaints you hear:

- Prioritize talking with frontline employees;

- Prioritize talking with salespeople;

- And; prioritize talking with support people.

- Also, review emails, letters and social media posts.

• If resources are limited a larger change, start with the smallest step that has the largest impact.

• If time is an issue, do 30 minute or an hour mini-training sessions once a week on a specific issue.

• If you can’t afford a new website, hire a user experience consultant to improve the information and navigation on the current website.

PS: *Making a mistake isn’t an automatic loss of a customer, it’s not taking action on resolving issues that drives customers away.*


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