Focus on your goals

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3 years ago

*There is something that can be wildly intoxicating about an obvious solution, that's a fact.*

Too often, I see business owners that "chase the tactics of their competitors."

Because they're convinced that's what is necessary to remain relevant in the business space.

However, that is a half baked truth and often has a dead end, if you ain't careful.

When you've fallen into this trap of defining your business goal,

and measuring your progress by benchmarking yourself against the competition.

And allowing this mindset to creep in and determine the priorities of your business,

things definitely will become chaotic.

Because your employees and yourself would lack both purpose and direction.

Aside from the fact that this is a super boring way to decide the future on any product ...

It also has the potential to be a disastrous strategic decision for a business.

PS: *Every person is unique, with unique skill sets and strengths.*

The strengths that one person leverages in order to accomplish something great,

are most likely not the strengths that you must leverage in order to accomplish something great.

PPS: *Let your goal NOT be to beat the competition. But to do the right thing and be the best for Yourself, Employees and Customers.*


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Making a goal is an achievement too

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3 years ago

Yeah focus on your goal don't mind your competitors know them as your inspiration know, their weakness, don't make it rush patience and mindset is the key of success.

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3 years ago