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Our environment and human impacts

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1 month ago

Lets talk about our environment. Global warming alarming us. We need to take responsibility to keep our environment clean for living. Lets talk about environment and how environmental biotechnology helping us to improve our life style by making eco-friendly environment.

Do you get it?

Environmental biotechnology: is the use of biotechnology in the setting of husbandry, resource conservation, environmental protection, monitoring of weakened setting, and waste regulation.

Pollutants present in setting includes:

  • Detergents

  • Venoms

  • Infirmities

  • Toxicants

  • Petrochemicals

  • Pitfalls

  • Heavy materials

Why environmental biotechnology?

It's necessitated toEliminate the parlous wastes produced by our other technologies.

  • To guaranty species are not at pitfall of havoc.

  • Make obligatory energy sources( i.e. Biofuel).

  • Pollution helping

  • Bioremediation

Bioremediation: is the use of natural systems to clean up menacing environmental wastes.

The bacteria (fungi) naturally turn the dangerous waste products into minor venturesome, easy to dispose of,waste.Plants are also being tested in some areas to do this job (Sunflowers to remove Cesium and Strontium).

Wastewater treatment: Governmental waste government Soil bioremediation Solid waste bioremediation

Biotreatment of flatulent flumes: Biosorption Biological agents used for bioremediation of bane waste include bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa.

What is bioremediation?

Microbes can break down the adulterants/ xenobiotics for their growth and/ or energy must-havesco-metabolism, metabolic pathways to break down pollutants rate of biodegradation may range from partial to complete and from days and weeks to times and decades detoxification by mineralizing pollutants to carbon dioxide, water, and white inorganic tars. the conversion of wastes into usefulproductse.g. uttermost anaerobic wastewater treatment systems produce useful biogas. Algae civilization for biofuels using government waste water.

What is environmental Monitoring ?

Deals with the assessment of environmental quality naturally by measuring a set of culled parameters on a regular foundation.

Physicochemical and birth methodologies used to quantify the extent of pollution demand for early- warning systems.

Long- established birth methodologies include counting the number of plant, beast, and microbial species, or assaying the rankings of oxygen, methane, or other combinations in water.

New, biosensors and immunoassays.

Biosensor application

Biosensors: for monitoring of biodegradability, bane, mutagenicity, attention of grievous substances as well as for microorganisms. Biosensors are good bias constructed onto a microchip composed of birth and electronic ingredients. I'm

A biosensor uses a birth existent ( i.e. bacteria) to cover footings of certain chemicals OR uses chemicals to cover footings of certain birth realities ( i.e. pathogens).

Biosensors, whole cell sensors whose bioluminescence ( reporter gene) may be inhibited by the presence of venturesome substance.

Biosensors, Antibodies coupled with fluorochromes are useful in watching the fate of bacteria in pollution treatment.

Biosensor device

Biosensors, Fluorescent or enzyme- linked immunoassays for the exhuming of cure-alls and chlorinated polycyclic hydrocarbons. Integration of environmental biotechnology with information technology.

Current uses of biosensors include:

  • Detecting station of toxics in an ecosystem

  • Detecting airborne pathogens ( i.e. anthrax)

  • Monitoring blood glucose strata


Personal thoughts

I was reading an article there was mentioned that Asian countries are effected more with pollution. Main reason behind this environmental pollution is large population and lacks of resources.

Pakistan is in top 10 more effected countries by environmental pollution even we are producing less pollution as compared to our neighborhood countries.

This is not question! Question is that what we are doing for or our struggle to keep clean environment healthy for living and clean?

But as true Pakistani i planted 300 trees buying them from my pocket money. We had done this project with my classmates. This is our right to keep environment clean so contribute your efforts.

What are your queries and what you think about your environment? What are your responsibilities as good citizen to keep your environment clean and free of pollution. Tell me in comments box.

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Thanks for reading :) regards from aasii

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Written by   38
1 month ago
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That’s a good job brother. You have my respect.

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1 month ago

Thanks brother. You too my motivation

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1 month ago

It's always within ourselves, if everyone of us loves to take care our environment there's no problem like pollution. Your course is in-line with biotechnology right? So you are using this device?

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1 month ago

Exactly i am student of medicinal biotechnology. And biotechnology is mother of all sciences. Thanks for your appreciation.

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1 month ago