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Forfeiture always teaches lesson. I lost my cellphone

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3 months ago

Aslam o alikum!

Hi, I am here again with chili Mili feeling. Honestly speaking,I missed this platform and all of you very much. I sincerely apologize to the menditors of this website and @TheRandomRewarder

Today I don't have not a specific topic. I wanna share my experience after losing my cell phone. This is not going to be a funky article. Actually, I faced a lot of problems and I wanna share them with you. This may help you to secure your privacy and all your personal information and data. I don't want you to also made a mistake which I have done. This can happen with anyone, so you need to secure your all data and personal information before unfortunately, you face the tragedy.

Forfeiture teaches you lesson

This is my personal experience which I had faced last week and still, i am deprived of my cellphone. To lost a cellphone is not a big problem for me but indeed it is my 24,000/- loss. But the main point is that I had a lot of data about my research work for my final year.

I had a lot of pictures. I used to say they were my beautiful moments of life but unfortunately, I lost them because I made a mistake to not secure them.

Bad day

On September 25, 2021 was a normal day for me. I was doing work in my lab. Suddenly my supervisor came and asked me if I had a bike. I said yes sir and he said this is a liquid nitrogen tank you have to handover to a guy who is waiting for you at Government college university Faisalabad. His name is haris. Hurry up, you have to leave campus immediately, he is willing for you.

Liquid nitrogen tank is used to fetch liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen used to crush plant cells to extract RNA and DNA.

In a nutshell, I was going to GC university with one of my colleagues behind me holding that tank at the back seat of my motorbike. We reached there within 30 minutes.

After that my friend said to me, i have to get medical treatment for skin allergy so i said we have enough time lets go to the hospital and we took a visiting card and went to the doctor. After 30 wait we got an appointment and after half one hour we were returning back to our university campus.

Rainy weather was white elephant

When we left our campus, the weather was so harsh. But when we left the hospital there were black clouds covering the whole sky.

Meanwhile, we have to get medicine written on paper by a doctor from the general store. So we stopped there. Meanwhile, it was raining and we decided to stop there until the rain didn't stop. But after wasting 30 minutes, we realized that this is not going to stop. We should leave.

Actually, the weather was hot so in the rainy season to get outside to enjoy rain is another kind of happiness and enjoyment. Because I like rain. So we decided to leave and enjoy the rain as well as our motorbike ride. But the problem was that we had to secure our cell phone to get wet. So we put our cellphone in polythene bags and put it into my pocket. In that bag i had 1200 rupees and my head free too.

I decided to ride the bike and my friend was in the backseat. He said to me me your cell phone i keep it because you're riding bike can harm water your cell phone. This was my first and last mistake. I handed over my cellphone to him, holding his bag and my cellphone in hand. But the weather became so cold because there was wind and made the weather cold. He was shivering even while I was driving . He lost his sense and my cell phone slipped from his hand. He didn't realize that. After doing the 2 km journey he said stop, we should buy another polythene bag to wrap all stuff. Then suddenly, he loudly cried where is your cell phone. I said I handed it over to you. He said I have not right now. Ohhhhh! my god! I mummer. That moment i realized how dumb he is!

I miss you partner. That phone with rememberable click

He said we should go back where we started our journey. Maybe we would find it? Okay there was not another way. I started freezing because I had a lot of personal data and family pictures. If someone open it this was not good news for me.

We returned back to the same place where we started our journey but unfortunately, there was nothing. Because that was a very busy road and maybe some picked it or there was a chance to fall in rain water because the road was full of rainwater. I was so upset and thinking what to do next. Then we decided to go to the hostel and call on my cell phone number.

Fear of family insult

I was so worried about how to tell my family because I recently purchased it. Its coast was 24,000/- rupees. Vivo Y12 model name. We tried enough but my cell phone was switched off.

Now two probabilities that

  • some picked it and switched off

  • Second was that maybe he fell on the road and due to water it was switched off or maybe any vehicle crushed it.

That night i told my elder brother about my cellphone, he insulted me that all mistakes are mine i should take care of my things. That time I realized he was right. But what should I do. I said to my friend if my brother calls me, don't pick up. I don't want to talk.

Next day my supervisor ask how yesterday's journey, i told him the whole story and he just said oh! This is bad news.

Drowning hope

After two day my brother called my friend and said to me i am going to buy a new cell phone check it and tell whether it is good or not.''

The Samsung A32 was a nice phone. I said it was good. My brother said okay. Next day i ask my brother told me this cell phone is using my colleague he said he has to buy new cellphone than give it to you have to wait for few days.

But still I am waiting. I told my brother what happened. I am still waiting. He said you have to wait more.

I have to buy it by own money if......!

But I was feeling so upset and restless. Why should I earn money to help me get a new cell phone? Then I thought, what is possible? The only thing in my mind was Yes, if I work properly here I can earn enough money to buy a new cell phone. Now I need your help and support. I know asking for help is against the rules but I need it. I wanna write articles and earn enough money. You only have to support my article and cheer me up.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Please keep your all data on Google drive

  • Keep your important data on another hard disk or USB flash

  • Keep your cell phone secure if someone finds your cell phone wouldn't be able to access your data.

  • Most important is to complain to the PTA or your telecommunications department.

  • Keep location one so that they can track your cell phone.

  • Keep your cellphone bag or EMI number in a safe hand only way to track your cell phone by EMI number.

  • Take care of your stuff very much. Your slight mistake can create a big problem.

  • Also report to the that area of police where you lost cellphone.

  • Be Careful.

Thanks for reading. I need your attention and motivation so that i can write more and more and can grab enough Bitcoin cash.

I am looking forward to @TheRandomRewarder all hope is connected with your kind visits on my articles. I hope you would not let me down anymore.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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Just do your very best in publishing articles Aasii then you will get more than what you asked. Pray for it too:) Btw, welcome back!

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3 months ago

Yeah i need to btw thanks for your motivation always cheer me up. Do you use Instagram ?

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3 months ago

Dear brother, I am reading your content on the same phone Vivo Y12. I know it’s a best phone. Sad for the loss. Welcome back.

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3 months ago

Yes unfortunately, how are you btw?

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3 months ago

Yeah, I am all good.

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3 months ago