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Tea time

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1 week ago

There are so many things in our life which are more than love to us and they might be some important persons in our life or some other things and among them, tea is also love which every loyal person loves. Haha, the loyalty is associated to tea only by me because of my opinion otherwise i don't know it's link with tea🤭.

In every evening, the tea is an essential for me in my life because i think i can't survive without having tea daily and it is becoming part of my life.

For me, and for most tea lovers, tea is the only solution to everything haha and if am having headache or am having any tension, then i definitely take tea to feel me relaxed because tea is enough for our satisfaction.

I will hardly find anyone who don't love it. Well i love to have the strong tea always. And i think i haven't captured anything more than these tea images🤭.

When i was in hostel, i had to take my classes in evening time as well dua to which i always missed my evening time tea whenever i was in university but i never missed my tea of 10'O clock with my friend🤭because she had the same feelings for tea as i have. And along with tea we always love to have some snacks or some cakes and without then our tea is incomplete. I took a lot pictures of those moments when i was in hostel but sadly i lost my memory card somewhere and it was really hurting because there were a lot snaps, a lot memorable moments which were captured in that memory card but yes i lost it....

I am having tea today with my sister along with the delicious cakes and definitely you will love it too and if you want to join us, then you are warmly welcomed.

And i can give you a tip as well about it that if someone can't leave tea even at 40 plus temperature, then definitely that person will never leave you haha and this is my logic🤭i hope there will also a lot people who will agree with me....

Do you like tea or not? Well, i can't find anyone who loves tea more than me, my one sister and my one friend🤭❤ because tea is love.

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Written by   3
1 week ago
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