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Optimism launches Optimism Foundation

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2 months ago

Optimism, the Layer2 expansion network of Ethereum, announced the latest progress in decentralized governance and released the Optimism Collective Governance Operation Manual v0.1, authorizing Token House to perform upgrades and treasury allocations.

In addition, a new independent entity, the Optimism Foundation, was launched to achieve a durable governance system, whose main responsibilities include: tracing public goods funds and identity-based NFT experiments, maintaining the "Operation Manual", and implementing governance-oriented , the foundation is led by the two founders of Optimism, Jing and Ben.

Optimism said the focus will shift to Citizens' House, an identity-based NFT governance layer, which is governed by citizen NFT holders and whose primary responsibility will be to fund those public goods that have the most positive impact on Optimism and the Ethereum ecosystem.

The first Citizens' House experiment and its corresponding Citizenship NFT series will be the next major milestone for Collective.

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