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Bitcoin Cash Goals This Month

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10 months ago

Hey guys! Do you have your goals for this month? I think we all have the same goal to hit 1 BCH before this year ends.

And since I started late, I am hoping to achieve it before 2021 ends. We should dream bigger and that's my goal for this month, to earn more BCH this month in both and

I've been here in for a week only and so far, I can say that this platform can give you so much opportunities just like You could actually earn bigger here in just one of your articles and I think, this will help all of us to really achieved that goal.

Can you just imagine telling your family that you already owned 1 BCH or even more? Of course, that's a whole lot of explanations since most people here don't know about cryptocurrency, sad to say.

I mean if they could just realized how big 1 BCH is, they'll be surprised for sure.

Do you think BCH will pump this month?

I am not sure but I am claiming this of course. BCH has been in great dipped last month, I hope it will be a whole lot opposite this month.

I tried to be as active in both platforms, but sometimes, I have priorities to do that's why I couldn't achieve it.

I still have small earnings in both platform, gladly @TheRandomRewarder already noticed me from the very moment I started here. I couldn't imagine myself without him, I might have very little BCH earnings for sure.

In, I am sometimes very inconsistent. There were days that I have time to posts my life, there were days that I got very busy and post none.

Closing Thoughts:

I know that most of our pioneers have already achieved their 1 BCH goals and this makes me get motivated more because of them.

I made them as my inspiration, whenever I see posts that they achieved a lot because of these two platforms.

I know I am still very far from their achievements, but who knows before this year ends, I might get it.

To those who are a beginner like me, just keep pushing. Those people who strive hard are those people who'll get the reward in the future.

My goal this month is to earn more BCH from here and in so that I could at least achieve my 1 BCH goal!

If they can, then I can!

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Written by   2
10 months ago
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Oh wow! Love your mindset. We all hope to get more BCH this month from noise and I am glad you are enjoying this two platforms. Hoping to read more of your articles!

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10 months ago

Thanks for the support sis! I will always enjoy these platforms.

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10 months ago