Warzone Juggernaut Battle Royale Video - MYSTORY Nr9

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Warzone Juggernaut Battle Royale Video - MYSTORY Nr9

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Gameplay 2020

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I tried some new Juggernaut Warzone of Call Of Duty but in 2020.

I hope you like my mix of best clips that I could create.



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Gaming Video

0:00 - WARZONE

Hello World!

As it turned out it was hard to find the juggernaut and to survive an encounter with it but I am always confident that I will become better or not.

I hope you enjoy the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Warzone Juggernaut update in 2020 as a new gameplay video.


I am a simple player, I see Juggernaut, I try to touch!

Sadly this tactic did not work because I did not have a classic Call Of Duty knife so I simply was punished for getting close to this beautiful being that is called the Juggernaut.

15:00 - ONLINE

Due to the fact that this mode is to be played online I was able to get killed many times and I did also only one time survive the weird respawn mechanic that is set in a dark castle somewhere in the digital asset collection of the game files on my pc.

20:00 - BATTLE

The battle was intense but short!

I was able to hunt down some of the dissidents called enemies in this very big mode that we know as Battle Royale. I can imagine playing this more in the future.

25:00 - ROYALE

I really do not know where games like this are remotely something like royale but I think it is a reference to medieval conflicts.

Or maybe it is not.

I anyway like the giant map and the fact that this new Modern Warfare iteration looks like a big game.

30:00 - WARFARE

After I was able to get some frags of bots in the Battle Royale too I decided that at some point it would be good to end the video before I would get to motivated to binge on Call Of Duty since I am on a videogame diet.

At this point it does not make sense anymore to search for a reason to exist and the only thing that is to be said is that I need shares, subs, likes and many comments.

Thank everyone for spending some sweet costly time for reading this and have a great day, eat or sleep (depending on what you are currently doing).

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! Warzone Juggernaut is epic if you find the Juggernaut. Can Juggernauts also go to space... Cheers, ATMODEPTH




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