The Cycle Gameplay For First Video - MYSTORY Nr22

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The Cycle Gameplay For First Video - MYSTORY Nr22

An Epic Free Not Battle Royale Game

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I tried the free multiplayer game The Cycle for the first time.

I actually was surprized because reasons.

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_____________ The Cycle Is A Fun Game _____________

I finally like a game


Hello World!

The Cycle is a free online multiplayer game that was released not long ago and it was not a Battle Royale game which is strange considering the fact that every free game today usually is a Fortnite or Pubg ripoff.

But not The Cycle, it is an actually different game.


The game is actually a free competitive, coop online multiplayer game with a tutorial, testmatch and shooting range mode added.

This game would by the way probably considered a PvEvP game or if you don’t know what this meant it is not important.

The game also seemed to be quite fun because in the large map with desert and jungle elements I felt relatively safe.

The design of the game also opens many tactical options that are hard for me do take advantage of because I have no experience in this game (at the moment of writing these lines).

I have actually started this game here at season three which is called “Storm Chasers”.


After restarting the tutorial this was actually my first gameplay and I was happy that I did do relatively well considering that I had to focus on the commentary and the game at once.

If this is not a reason for you to subscribe than I can only give you another argument for following me everywhere.

I need more followers.

This was it with the argument.


The Cycle also feels not only like an open world match based game but also like an action adventure.

The sprint, slide and boost jump functions or player abilities are done well and feel precise and crisp when compared to other games with similar gameplay.

30:00 - NEWVIDEO

This new video is my twenty-second video and blog post here so please give me some feedback and suggest other platforms that I can also use to give my content to everyone in the world.

Or at least one percent of the world population which would actually be very many people.


This video and blog post was one of the most fun productions to make for me yet.

I like the free online multiplayer game and I like how it helps me express my ideas or something like that.

Feel free to be entertained and have fun if possible and please share and like and comment and do everything to give me more viewers.

Whoever you are…

Thank you for reading these lines and be blessed or something else that is good for you.

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! Have a great day and help me getting more viewers or not. I am happy anyway for being here. Thank you for reading these lines and be blessed or something else that is good for you.




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