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Psychedelic Tingles But Trance Asmr Trippy Visuals

I decided to make a short compilation video with trippy trance music content.

What happened was the creation of divine entities with substances.

Dubstep progressive experimental indie synth music video.

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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Considering the fact that I have no idea how my written blog post content compares in quality to my videos I must admit that I have no clue what so ever if someone is reading these lines.

I you are a recurring reader let me know because I’d like to know if my posts are worth a like or at least worth something that is not the equivalent of nothing.

So continuing my journey of making content I decided to release a nice little video made up of music and spoken sections for entertainment.


When I started making content the first time ever, even before I started uploading things, I found out that I was able to make noises or even music.

These things led me to the use of Lmms and the deep rabbit hole of composition styles that would suit my skills and abilities.

I realised that making psychedelic music but also creating special visuals for that was not the hardest challenge ever seen on the surface of earth.


In previous video posts of my channel I did jokingly mention some so called “ASMR-People” which is just my way of saying that I am not susceptible to the tingles induced by ASMR content.

Only because I am not able to be triggered by the nice sounds of someone shaving a cat or eating ice in front of a camera it doesn’t that I could not make sounds and visuals that might make ASMR-addicts very happy.

So feel free to get triggered but don’t get a seizure.


These trippy hallucination-like visuals are made by me and the help of a nice tool called Shotcut.

I just added some effects to some nice scenes I made in Cryengine and recorded with them with Obs.

If you meet any entities that are playing a Harp feel free to let them know that they make great music up there in their transcendent realm.


But seriously, I made tracks that seemed to sound kinda psychedelic and trippy so I took some of the most strange ones and edited them together into one video.

This video is basically what this blog post is connected to.

Luckily the blog post is also content on its own and not just a transcript of singing Machine Elves.


Lmms in combination with some hearing damage from the latest Christopher Nolan film soundtrack probably motivated me to make synth or electro like trippy music but when I heard what the ASMR video creators post in the internet I just thought that my music might make some people happy too.

So feel free to subscribe and comment and stuff because I am currently on over fifty pages like blogs and social networks with my content.

This is basically trippy visuals with progressive trap dubstep music containing intense random and unpredictable ASMR triggers as sounds with optical illusions.

Don’t get braindeadened by my music please!

Yours Sincerely,


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