My First Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr2

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3 years ago

My First Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr2

My First Gameplay Ever

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Welcome to my first second post ever!

If you can read this you clicked a link that brought you here, I apologize.

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_____________ My Second Blog Post _____________

For Lack Of A Creative Title

0:00 - BEGINNING: #start

Hello World, Hello Gamers!

Welcome to my first gaming video ever!

This is in fact a legendary moment because you probably watched my second video ever and you are currently reading this post.

If you don’t know what is GAMING on here, feel free to drop a view on my first video.

I hope you have a nice day and don’t expect anything reasonable from me because I am only a weird guy with a camera!

1:00 - GAMING: #gameplay

I am a simple content creator, I see upload, I click and I love to like my own videos.

In fact I thought it was a good idea to start my first gaming video ever with a game that is relatively well known.

I will play the one and only Destiny2 in 2020. Currently we are living at a time at which a new season is going to start and new Dlc content is coming soon too so it is a good age for gamers…

Hopefully this is what will happen.

However I will roam around it this game and show it to you which it the only thing I can do in games because I am a potato.

Hit like if you are a vegetable too!

10:00 - ACTION: #entertainment

If you like action you might also like my gameplay because I have the special ability to get disintegrated in games over and over again.

You might ask yourself why I am doing this and why you should watch this.

If this is the case I can tell you that this time I have an idea…

I want your feedback! I must know what you want me to do next and if you like my relatively unique setup or if you prefer boring (but maybe better) setups.

20:00 - MORE: #destiny

I personally got Destiny2 when it was free for a limited time only and when it was migrated over to Steam I decided to try it again. I grabbed my golden guardian (in fact he was orange in the beginning) and placed myself in my little flying saucer.

Then I did my first virtual step on Mercury and I was impressed by the bright sun in my digital eyes. It felt amazing but I forgot to put my sunscreen on so I died.

30:00 - ENTERTAINMENT: #stupidity

The consumption of my content can lead to lead poisoning so do not consume with your mouth.

I like the user interface of Destiny2 at some points.

In fact I appreciate the map of the solar system in Destiny2 because it mostly uses symbols and icons which makes it easier for me to use because reading is hard…

Sorry for that but I really like the design of the map.

I like it so much that I could print it on my eyes so I’d be able to see it 24/7.

I would also be amazed if you could share this and bring someone else to subscribe to me or give me feedback. If you would mind dropping two (3) comments I’d be super happy and my grammar might get better too.

(the last fact was made up, it’s not true, my grammar is of course perfect)

40:00 - FINAL: #destination

Do keep in mind that there is a direct correlation of the loss of brain cells per minute and the consumption of my content. Correlation does not mean causality but I’d still be careful…


I hope you have the ability to trick your mind in liking my content or at least tolerating it. I am conscious about the fact that I poison the internet with my toxic gaming skills but…

…I should stop writing now.

Have a nice day and watch all of my videos or at least drop comments on them to fuel my greed for engagement.

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! I am happy to have you here with my first gaming video ever! I appreciate feedback, likes, comments and subscriptions. Thank you for being here. Cheers, ATMODEPTH


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