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New Call Of Duty Zombies On Insane Hacked Mode

Cod Custom Zombies on insane mods with epic wonderweapons.

Insane Zombies guns and perks mod that overhauls everything.

The game will hopefully not break because of amazing stuff.

Zombies on insane mode is a lot of fun.


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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

In this pot and video that starts with the same introduction as always I got into an epic custom Zombies match where some crazy people turned on an epic mod that I have never seen before in the internet.

This might be exclusive although I think someone else might already have made a video about this.

In case I am the first one, I am happy to show this chaos of madness to you.


For funny scenes you can skip to the seven minute timestamp to see more funny stuff and dopamine inducing cuts and edits.

I hope you give me likes and watch-time which is a joke and meant that you shall watch my stuff.

I am very diversified so if you want to follow me on my story of building this online channel-show-thing you can subscribe to all of my pages.


I am everywhere on the internet like those epic people who make epic content should be so everyone can see their creations.

The mod shown in the video that belongs to this post changes the gameplay and makes everyone overpowered while perfecting the insane zombies.

The zombies map was the epic rust mutliplayer map from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but in custom zombies.


I had a funny match with lots of nice dopamine toxification because I just love to be overpowered when fighting hordes of overpowered modded custom zombies in call of Duty.

The map also contained some weapons of Mw2019 in custom zombies.


The gameplay mod overhauled everything and turned the world into heaven and hell at the same moment.

I love this crazy piece of digital custom Zombies content.


The content I was able to try here, let every weapon turn into basically wonder-weapons like the most epic ones from Mob Of The Dead or other classic game defining maps of the Cod history.

Actually I am trash-talking because I have never played Mob Of The Dead.

Feel free to run from the Zombies but you don’t have to do that because we had nuke launching nuclear custom modified weapons.

I hope you liked me basically writing things that make medium to no sense at all.

I hope it still was somewhat informing and promotes the creation of free modded customcontent.

Have a nice apocalypse!

Yours Sincerely,


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