Halo Spv32 Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr19

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3 years ago

Halo Spv32 Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr19

New Halo And Halo 5 Gameplay In 2020

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

As Halo Infinite is everywhere I decided to make a Halo video.

This video contains random Halo Gameplay and some Forge custom map content.



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_____________ Some Halo Games In 2020 As A New Post _____________

Halo Custom Edition And Guardians Forge Gameplay

0:00 - HALO

Hello World!

In this masterpiece of a video I died.

Just kidding but in the game Halo Combat Evolved Custom Edition I managed to die multiple times because I think I am a good gamer but the Ai in the game is even better.

Or maybe I must concentrate more.


In the process of gaming I made literally more than hundred clips that I assembled to this masterpiece.

I also think that it might bring me more views to make a Halo video when everyone is making Halo videos.

Maybe it will not help but I will make more videos soon.


I also hope that you got the best tingles possible from my previous video.

I wonder if it is possible to post text Asmr instead of videos.

By the way the Halo games have sounds that I think are good for Asmr addicted people.

Maybe I am wrong about this.

20:00 - FORGE

I must apologize if this post is kind of pointless but it is supposed to be part of my content and my content is never serious.

Please enjoy this text if possible even if reading these lines feels like being stabbed in the face.

25:00 - VIDEO

This is not Sparta but I played as a Spartan and it was wonderful.

The pure power of the Masterchiefs bones smashing the opposing force was very inspiring while still maintaining a certain level of violence.

30:00 - NEW

I also managed to launch my installation of Halo 5 Forge on Pc and set it up in my recording software so that it looked like it was run in an Ultrawide screen format.

I hope this setup looks nice.

Let me know what you think or not but at least give me some content engagement.

I love engagement.

If it was not obvious…

I am addicted to attention.

Yours Sincerely,


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3 years ago


Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this masterpiece of a video I died. I love engagement. If it was not obvious… I am addicted to attention. Yours Sincerely, ATMODEPTH



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