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Funny Weird Things And Stuff Nobody Says

Humorous and hilarious weird clips and scenes compilation.

Weird funny talking fails compilation video that is humorous.

This post is basically superior acting skills for the internet.

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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I decided to make another random video that is quite different from the standard content that I make.

It is like one of the previous videos I made but a bit different in cut and scene editing.

I hope you like the easter-eggs.


On my journey to becoming a professional content creator I went through many new things to learn but in this post you can enjoy a bit more of my superior acting skills (sarcasm initiated).

I just mixed some aspects of telling my story and showing of some things I have learned while just being straight weird for nearly fifteen minutes straight.


I made a bunch of film and videogame references because I seem to have inherited some genes from nerds.

Or maybe I am just addicted to the sweet pop-culture content.


Keep in mind that I did my very best so I don’t have to bribe you subconsciously to subscribe and like on all of my pages (pun intended).

I love to start many sentences with the letter “I” because it is my favourite letter.

Oh my god.


I like to try basically every type of content I can imagine to find out what I want to specialize in and it also makes for a very good real-life story to tell because it is real.

I always pretend to be a gaming channel because I made some gaming videos but I might be a random channel.

I mean I am not a channel but you know what I mean.


I basically removed and cut some content that I will keep on my drive to release when the world is ready for it.

Just because I shot some scenes that where really weird.

I hope you can enjoy and give me some feedback or comments and follow me on Youtube and other sites.

It would be great to actually get over a thousand followers on some page.

Have a nice day/night/evening/morning or whatever!

Yours Sincerely,


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