First BlackOps3 Gameplay On My New Computer - MYSTORY Nr28

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First BlackOps3 Gameplay On My New Computer - MYSTORY Nr28

Blops3 On A Proper Gpu For The First Time

Hello World, Hello Viewers!


First time CallOfDuty BlackOps3 on my new pc.

First time Blops3 player basically.

Blops3 ultra graphics.

Cod Blops3 in 2020.

Cod BlackOps but 2020 and new.






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#zombies, #newvideo

_____________ VIDEO-BLOG-POST _____________

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0:00 - INTRO

Hello World!

In this video and post I am describing my transcendent experience of playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 for the first time on my new properly powerful gaming workstation pc.

Read the following or watch the video to know my story.

10:00 - LAPTOP

When I first bought Black Ops3 I had to try running this game on a Gt540m laptop graphics card which was not particularly powerful.

What I am trying to say it that I had to unlock potato settings to run this game because my Gpu could not be considered appropriately powerful.

15:00 - COMPUTER

After years of use I decided to get a gaming and workstation pc with some powerful hardware and I started this channel with proper videos.

Until writing these lines I did not have installed this nice videogame called Black Ops 3.

20:00 - GRAPHICS

Now I was able to run games on proper settings.

I actually mean high settings while still being able to properly make videos, which is necessary for someone who is trying to make videos…

In case this was not self-explanatory.

25:00 - GPU

My new Gpu in my tower pc is a Geforce card so it is green which means it is powerful.

Just kidding, I know that the colour of a Gpu is irrelevant for performance.

Feel free to watch my video or read my posts.

30:00 - OUTRO

Due to the fact that Cod Blops3 has a Zombie campaign mode I like it.

It also luckily features some functions like multiple modes and splitscreen on Pc which I think is cool if you want to meet humans in the analog world to play games on the same screen.

Follow me everywhere and drop as many comments as you want, I’d also consider it helpful if you could like my videos and posts and stuff…

Or not.

Have a great decade.

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! And hi! 0:00 is where the video content starts... If you are reading the blog post only... I am sorry for that unnecessary information Subscribe now please and give me free real estate.

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