EPIC RAGDOLLS Versus Heavy Objects - MYSTORY Nr51

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EPIC RAGDOLLS Versus Heavy Objects - MYSTORY Nr51

Hilarious Amazing Ragdoll Physics Simulation

Hilarious funny ragdolls in the epic Cryengine.

Squishing things but it is very satisfying and humorous.

Ragdolls versus objects or machines and fails.

Epic body physics simulation engine.

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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

In this new video and blog post I decided to explore the depths of the physics simulation of Cryengine but with a focus on ragdoll physics.

I hope this post is entertaining and not to disturbing.


Satisfying epic physics should always have the priority in videogames or not.

The Bots or Ai in the game where very helpful as far as cooperativeness goes.

I mean I can place them within the editor wherever I want but I felt like they volunteered to do everything that I wanted.


The point of making such videos is that I am still trying to make at least one type of video of every style of content out there so I just found that I could still do many things within Cryengine.

I also guess that I just like the weird motion of these simulated objects and characters in Cryengine.


My channel could probably be referred to as gaming channel but I basically upload whatever I want so feel free to give me feedback so I can make more of what the audience wants.

I must also mention that I will upload whatever I want.


I enjoyed making these nice physics simulations and I love doing them on cool locations like the virtual Moon level that I made.

I finally knew what do up there.

Just blowing up stuff.


I did not intentionally throw heavy objects at the Ai but somehow they spawned at the wrong place at the wrong time so I had no other chance than throwing bathtubs at them.

I mean they are my unpaid volunteers so I think they like that.

Don’t get hit with bathtubs falling from the skies.

Please feel free to give me some free attention or not.

Have a great cookie!

Almost no Ai where harmed during the creation of this content.

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! 0:00 Is the startof the ragdoll action WISHLIST:

  1. New volunteers for my testrange.
  2. Free content.
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  5. Enjoy
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Don’t get hit with bathtubs falling from the skies. Please feel free to give me some free attention or not. Have a great cookie! Yours Sincerely, @ATMODEPTH



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