Destiny2 New Exodus Quest Playthrough - MYSTORY Nr11

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Destiny2 New Exodus Quest Playthrough - MYSTORY Nr11

Exotic Quest Update For Exodus

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

A new Destiny2 Season Of The Arrivals exodus quest gameplay.

The preparation for the epic new exotic quests and events.

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_____________ Pyramids Are Coming _____________

The Darkness Of Destiny2

0:00 - DESTINY

Hello World!

Here is a new post of me playing the new epic exotic exodus preparation quests!

This new content update added the pyramid ships to the locations of Titan, Mercury and Mars and it is very exotic.

Io already was infested with the pyramid ships since my last video about a previous content update.

1:00 - TITAN

I started to try to do the first quest on Titan and I had to do the weekly challenges to get the quest step.

This was easy on some of the locations and took a bit longer on other ones.

This was also surprisingly epic.

10:00 - IO

I also had to do a trip to Io.

I think this was because the developers wanted to show us the beauty of these locations before removing them to the vault temporarily.

15:00 - MERCURY

On the epic planet Mercury I decided to do a little side adventure together with the mission that I had to do to get the next quest step.

20:00 - MARS

On Mars I had to destroy enormous amounts of the Thrall enemies and they did hide from me.

I wonder why…

But at some point they stormed the surface of the nice red planet and I was able to get all my points that I needed.

25:00 - ARRIVALS

I hope that this video and post can get some views and likes and stuff that is important for scaling my little nice project here.

Have a nice century!

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! Have a nice century! YES! Cheers, ATMODEPTH



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