Destiny2 Exodus Exploration Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr12

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Destiny2 Exodus Exploration Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr12

Exotic Exodus Quest World Exploration Video

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Destiny2 exodus update made me exploring the world.

The new exotic quest update changed some locations.

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_____________ Pyramids Are Approaching _____________

Exploring Some Exodus And Destiny

0:00 - EXODUS

Hello World!

I decided to make another video and blog post related to the new exotic exodus quest update because I love how the game environment changed on some locations and how the atmosphere was also altered.

So enjoy this new content if possible and feel free to follow me on all social networks.

The Darkness is on the way!

1:00 - UPDATE

In this gameplay video I also visited some well known locations but I wanted to show all the main areas that I could access.

If you have great skills in orientation you might know where I went but it would be basically pointless because it is a video by me.

5:00 - DESTINY

In fact I had some fun making this video because…

Gaming is nice.

Let me please also know what you want to see in the future aside from me deleting myself or apologizing for existing.

10:00 - MONTAGE

I know I should not start all my sentences with “I” but I love to.

I was also very happy to see the weird other dimension that looks like soft ice on the Drifter ship.

I also added a little music video montage in the video.


Did I mention that I love the planet mars?

This is why I went to earth…

Just kidding.

I really love these locations because they are cool.

20:00 - GAMING

In the end I was hoping to support my channels, groups and accounts with this post and I will keep being motivated.

Goop, goop and have a great day!

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! Goop, goop! Yeet a nice day! Cheers, ATMODEPTH

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