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Christmas Holiday Special 2020 Special Video

Christmas gaming special gaming video.

Cod BlackOps3 custom Zombies Christmas snow map.

Destiny2 Dawning special exotic quest raid base map.

Doom Christmas Snapmap and Coldwar gameplay.


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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Aside of the possibility to get more views which is always a reason to make a video for an opportunistic person like I am, I also thought that it might be cool to make a Christmas special video.

In this video I did my standard weird comments and showed some custom maps in different games which are Christmas themed or winter focused and also some seasonal temporary altered aspects of other well-known games.


The first map I tried was an amazing Santa Clause winter snow Christmas map in the BlackOps3 custom zombies.

I managed to get to the point where I could ski down a nice little winter racing track to escape the mob of the Zombies.

15:00 - DESTINY

Because Destin2 has an altered hub social place are with snow currently and a weird tree I thought that it would be epic to also mess around there a little bit.

Enjoy and subscribe if possible and drop many likes and comment because I delivered some cookies in Destiny2 in the Quest that I partially already did before.


People of course made a holiday winter Christmas map in Snapmap of Doom2016 along with some other similarly themed maps too.

I played one of the best clearly Santa Clause themed maps.


Aside the fact that the game is called Coldwar and it is winter I thought the fact that we have a nice winter Christmas themed version of the Nuketown is epic

So enjoy me being weird and throwing things on bots.


If you want to help me you can drop comments and watch my videos but the purpose of this post and video is to see if I should keep making specials for certain holidays or other things to celebrate.

I like likes and I hope I can convince you to give me some so I can craft free real estate from them or not.

Have a great day whenever you see this.

Merry Christmas my viewers!

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! 0:00 Is the start of the christmas video WISHLIST:

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Have a great day whenever you see this. Merry Christmas my viewers! Yours Sincerely, @ATMODEPTH



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