CHIEF BEZOS Saved From Terrorists But It Was Me - MYSTORY Nr53

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CHIEF BEZOS Saved From Terrorists But It Was Me - MYSTORY Nr53

Chief Bison And Melon Dusk Are Saved From Evil Ai Bots

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are in the title because they should be.

I am fighting epic Ai machine learning terrorists in Cryengine Five.

This post is about Amazon or Tesla Ceo chairman stuff.

This is a funny parody video I guess.


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#parody, #stonks, #amazon,

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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

In this video I am trying my very best to save the Ceos of the biggest companies out there from evil vicious Ai’s.

It turned out to not have worked so well.


Elon Musk was also featured in this post and video because I associated the existence of this person with some characters in Cryengine V.

Feel free not to delete the internet.


I feel like the Ai in my computer might be evil and very interested in being dangerous.

I hope you join the parody and humor fan club cult of people making weird videos on the internet.


If you have ever wanted a meme so bad that your fingers started falling off one by one hit the like button (if you still can, sorry for that bad joke).

I love the memes that contain shares.


I used the epic Cryengine V to simulate these arguably amazing things.

I don’t want to squish people through physics but the evil Artificial-intelligence in Cryengine tried to destroy the world.


Funny enough I am the Ceo of my own little influencer business if you make me having more than ten thousand followers (I mean that I will be the Ceo of my channel, lol)!

So give me free cookies and hope that I don’t get killed by the Diabetes Cat.

When writing these lines I am realising that this might actually sound borderline-weird if you don’t know what the Diabetes Cat is.

Pet some rocks and consume shares but have a nice day, whatever this means.

Yours Sincerely,


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