BLACKOPS Zombies But I Do The Voice Lines - MYSTORY Nr36

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BLACKOPS Zombies But I Do The Voice Lines - MYSTORY Nr36

Call Of Duty Black Ops In 2020 With Custom Voice Lines

Black Ops custom Zombies with my own spoken voice lines in real time.

Zombie mode with voice acting is a great training.

I made custom voice for the Black Ops game.

Gaming but with custom voice acting.

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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

In video games like Call of Duty Black Ops and others there are many characters to choose from when you play.

With many characters there comes the question for characteristics in the typical gamedev mind.

Creative game developers once came up with the idea of letting these characters say something while playing to give them some kind of “soul”.


In this new post I decided to put my hand on doing voice lines for characters in games.

As you can imagine I am not a voice actor so the result was kind of inconsistent like all of my videos are.


For comedic purposes I used the gain to give me the ability to oversteer my microphone with no effort.

I am still trying to optimize my setup so I hope you can enjoy the new audio of my video.


Like most of my first videos this is a gaming video and also another type of video at once.

Like and subscribe because I need feedback.

Feel free to enjoy my content if you can.

I for sure enjoyed making this post a lot.


I will make more of these videos if the post or the video gets some views because I love to train my talking and commenting voice acting skills.

I must admit that I was fairly well entertained by the plethora of rubbish I came up with.


With these lines I can only thank you for reading and I must again beg for feedback.

I am also planning on doing many other types of videos and blog posts in the future too.

Feel free to be tuned for my next posts.

I might also ask you for likes because I need Likes!

But I won’t ask you for Shares!

Basically I am asking for shares.

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I also am in demand for likes on my other videos and lots of watchtime!

This is basically a part of this post where I explain how to help me reaching my goals on this amazing journey of creating my channels and blogs.

Part of this is that it would also help to share playlist links and to rewatch my stuff in the future again if you like it!

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If you want to add me to your recommended sections on your pages and bookmark my pages I would also freak out!

I love many likes and some feedback as I mentioned before to modify and enhance my content.

I hope you can still read with your eyes after you have gone through my content of questionable quality!

I will become more funny in the future and also probably a bit more weird!

Yours Sincerely,


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Hello World, Hello Viewers! 0:00 Is the start of the video. WISHLIST:

  1. I love Likes and my viewers (hopefully)
  2. I need Shares (actually)
  3. I consume many multiple comments (yes, i eat them, WTH)
  4. I have heared of subscriptions with notifications
  5. I need many likes on my other videos and watchtime.
  6. It helps to be sharing my playlist links and rewatch my stuff in the future.
  7. It might be helpful to be putting my videos in playlists.
  8. You can also help me for free by adding me to your recommended section and bookmark my pages.

I hopefully will become more funny in the future and also probably a bit more weird! Enjoy or not! Yours Sincerely, @ATMODEPTH



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