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Basically New Farcry Game But With Bears

HalfLife3 but with bears is Bearparty Adventure.

Basically new FarCrySix gameplay but bears.

HalfLife3 but with bears is Bearparty Adventure gameplay.

Basically HalfLife3 footage but bears.


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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

When I downloaded this free game from Steam I thought it might be interesting to make a post about it because it looked like a probably weird and funny thing to show.

I had no idea what I unleashed.


The game “Bearparty Adventure” or “Bisounoursparty Adventure”, as it apparently was called at some point, starts like a small humorous indiegame but then turns slowly intro something else.

The longer you play the more intense the feeling gets that you might have tapped into one of the most legendary hidden gems or gaming ever created.


Saying that this game is FarCry6 might be perfect when that game is currently not yet released but considering that fact that this game is announced I am not sure if that is still a good comparison to make.

Probably calling this game jokingly FarCry7 might be the next thing.

I honestly could imagine the developers of FarCry make another small standalone expansion like BloodDragon that would look like this game just as a humorous spinoff.


When I played further into the game the game got bigger and more complex which brought me to thinking that the developers made something impressive but I had no idea that this game would turn into an all-out standalone HalfLife-esque production.

The reason I think this game is basically secretly HalfLife3 is that this game feels very basic and well-structured while having insanely well balanced challenging aspects while also featuring great gunplay.


Of course this game is a standalone campaign game but it has similarities to HalfLife and FarCry but it is its own thing at the same time.

The whole concept is so good that I think someone could also replicate this game into something totally different-looking with other art style and story.

This game is so strong on its own while looking like a total ludicrous fever fantasy that it could be as much as a basic pattern for other games as the good old classics of gaming history.

There are Doom-ripoffs (that are good) and there could also be Bearparty Adventure-ripoffs because it feels like a whole well balanced product with much atmosphere.


The game is basically a “perfectly-balanced-everything”!

It does not feel like it is lacking anything, is not claustrophobic and does not get me lost in its levels while being open and complex enough to be hilariously fun.

I still don’t know what I have started here and I might never understand the complexity of its developers’ minds but I can at least try to do that.

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you liked this content, the video and the text part, so I can adjust my creations.

I can seriously recommend trying this game, it is funny and at the same moment still an epic adventure, fps and partially jump and run game.

It tries to make us dismiss its serious nature and quality but when the game that I thought would be a weird adventure turns into a full blow jump and run in one moment, just to transform into an epic action-shooter-game in the next blink of an eye, I realised that this amazing source engine standalone mod is not just a game.

It is a hidden gem that should be played by everyone, even you, even if you are not a fan of translucent Care-Bears.

By the way, please don’t take the pipes they offer you.

I don’t know what they contain.

Yours Sincerely,


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This game is strange and epic. It is a hidden gem that should be played by everyone, even you, even if you are not a fan of translucent Care-Bears. By the way, please don’t take the pipes they offer you. I don’t know what they contain. Yours Sincerely, @ATMODEPTH



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