The secret behind countries' flags

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 Colors and symbols of the countries' flags are not chosen randomly. In this article get acquainted with the most common symbols in the flags of countries and find out what they mean and where they came from.

*Flag of Argentina

The Argentine flag consists of two horizontal stripes in light blue and a sun in the center. The sun, which has a human face, is known as the sun of the moon, which represents the independence of the country and the sun god of the Inca people. Blue is a symbol of the bright sky, and the white that surrounds the sun is reminiscent of the heavy white snow of the Andes.

*Australian flag

The original design of the Australian flag was selected in 1901 from a group of entries in a national competition. The six-pointed star represents the unity of the six states and territories, while the Union Jack represents Australia's position in the Commonwealth of Independent States and recalls the history of settlements in Australia by the British in 1788.

*Flag of Brazil

The Brazilian flag was first adopted on November 15, 1889. Bright green indicates the lush forests and vast fields of Brazil. The main symbol in the center, the stars and a blue ball, represent Brazil's wealth of gold. The words in the symbol of the Earth Ordem e Progresso symbolize order and progress.

*Flag of Canada

The Canadian flag The red and white Canadian flag with a middle leaf is the first flag to be recognized as a national flag by law. In 1964, the Prime Minister of Canada formed the Flag Committee in Canada and finally decided to use the image of a maple leaf, which was first used as part of the Ontario and Quebec logo as a weapon, in the design of the flag.

*Flag of France

The French flag has three vertical stripes: blue, white and red. The dyes were taken from a cloth worn by King Louis XVI during a speech at a public gathering in Paris during the Revolution.

*Flag of Japan

The Japanese flag known as Nisshoki is a white rectangle with a red circle in the middle. The red circle represents Amatirasu, the god of the sun in Japanese mythology, who is the founder of Japan and its predecessor emperors, and is a symbol of a bright future.

*Flag of Mexico

According to the legend of the Aztecs, who originally inhabited the land, this flag is reminiscent of the history of the Mexican people. Green symbolizes hope, white symbolizes peace, and red symbolizes courage and strength. The flag of Mexico was adopted on September 16, 1968.


What's the meaning of your countries' flags??


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