Test your personality by choosing shapes!!

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In the following article, I invite you to choose one of the shapes and see based on its number, what kind of personality you have and whether it matches your true mood or not.

Experts believe that there is a direct relationship between personality and the subconscious of people.

That's why I invite you to choose one of the following shapes and see based on its number, what kind of personality you have and whether it matches your true mood or not. 

Look at the picture below and select one of the numbers.


you are a thinking and analytical person. You have a lot of talent for thinking outside the box. Do not waste your time and always take the best and most effective way to get things done; It does not matter what the job is, from washing the car to changing the insurance broker.

You behave much better than other people in finding solutions to various problems and you do not give up easily. You also need to know that you are a real and rational human being and that you do everything right.


You are a somewhat monotonous human being. You have little desire to express your feelings, but you are very good at interpreting the feelings of others. People around you have probably told you many times how strong your feelings and insights are about their inner emotions. The ability to read the thoughts of others, which is very important to you, is due to the fact that you have been a good observer for many years, and this has helped you to feel and understand the results of the thoughts and feelings of those around you very well.

You are a very calm and cool person and you can keep yourself away from the excitement around you.

3. Polygon

You are a creative and innovative person and you like to taste life with all the pleasures and enjoy all your moments. You are a passionate human being and you like to be in the spotlight all the time. Socializing with you is a lot of fun because you know how to deal with everyone. Your mood is such that you rarely see a half-empty glass.

4. Star

You are a manager by nature. You enjoy challenging yourself and your abilities. You have the inner strength to solve any problem in life. In fact, it should be said that problems and challenges for you are like solving a puzzle and playing to strengthen your brain and mind. You enjoy controlling the situation and you have the ability to do so. People around you may tell you that you are always in control of them.

5. Heart

You have great talents and that is why people around you are interested in you. You are a very kind and loving person who pays good attention to those around him and you are considered an excellent listener. You are completely supportive in terms of friendship and you avoid arguments as much as possible. This is so serious for you that you even sacrifice yourself in this way.


How true was this test about your personality?

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Right about me.👍🏼

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