ordinary things that are considered rude in some countries

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there is a saying that "when you are in Rome you have to behave like the Romans" and this is true everywhere. When we want to travel to another country, we start researching to know all the do's and don'ts because this awareness keeps us from experiencing any controversial and embarrassing situation.

In the following, you will get acquainted with ordinary things that are considered rude in other countries, and for this reason, they should be avoided.

Tipping in Japan

Not giving a tip in Japan may not be mandatory, but in some cases it is considered rude. In Japan, you may also find at the bottom of your invoice that the waiter receives his or her full salary, so there is no need for a tip.

Taking photos without permission in the UAE

Under UAE law, this is a crime. You may face up to 6 months in prison and a heavy fine for this; especially if you post that photo on social media.

Non-compliance with queues in Australia

In Australia and the UK, not taking turns is taboo. This is true of public transportation, shopping malls, cafes and everywhere else. Always wait for your turn and do not make things difficult for yourself.

Walking on a special bike lane in the Netherlands

Cycling is one of the main modes of transport in the Netherlands and its special lanes are usually very crowded. Therefore, if you walk on a special bike lane, there is a risk of colliding with a bicycle. It is better to always keep this in mind and use the sidewalk to avoid any danger.

Ok movement in Turkey

In Turkey, moving OK is equivalent to pointing the middle finger. The same is true of Germany and Brazil.

Shaking heads in Bulgaria and Albania

Shaking your head up and down usually means yes, and turning your head left and right usually means no. But in Bulgaria and Albania, the meaning of these movements is exactly the opposite.

Feeding the birds in Singapore

In Singapore, there are heavy fines for feeding birds, littering and chewing gum in public places.


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