Murderer's goof

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"After my last class at the university, I said goodbye to my friends at about 8 pm and walked to my dormitory, which was about 10 minutes away from the university. The weather was good for walking, so I decided to walk home from the university. My three friends and I had rented a dormitory and already arranged for someone to prepare dinner every night. Unluckily for me, it was my turn that night, so I go to buy 4 hamburgers. After a short time I got home and opened the door and saw that they were waiting for me as usual and had not eaten yet. After eating dinner and watching football, we go to the beds and turned off the lights and went to sleep. I could not sleep at all and my whole mind was busy with the events that had happened to me that day at the university. I was dreaming like this for an hour and finally I felt a heaviness in my eyes and I was slowly falling asleep when suddenly I heard a voice. I guessed one of my friends was talking in sleep. I said to myself, he must be having a nightmare and after a few seconds he will stop talking. I closed my eyes again and wanted to go to sleep, but the voices was continuing. To see who these voices are, I opened my eyes and go toward his bed. My God, who are these and what are they doing in our house? Dark creatures look like monkeys with creepy voices, They whisper in each other's ears and laugh again. Suddenly they looked at me with their white eyes while I was looking at them as if they had noticed me and in the blink of an eye, they all got up from the floor and ran towards the kitchen, the last one who was running away, I looked at his feet and saw his ungulate feet, but I could not see their faces well because I had just woken up and my eyes were still blurred and their faces and bodies were very dark. In the morning, I asked him, "Adam, did you have a nightmare last night?" He said calmly: No, why are you asking? I told him the story, but he said: he did not notice anything at all and I am delusional.
Next night, I was too scared to sleep, but I couldn't remain awake.
In the morning, I woke up with the sound of ambulance and that's it, nothing more".

-Detective: Do you really want me to believe this sh.ts?

-I have proof, you can ask my friends, they beheld our conversation yesterday.

-Detective: Ahh, assuming the murder is really strange I mean who can slab a human like that, and also we have no evidence against you, you're free to go, but you can't leave the city.

-Ok sir.

-Detective: Wait, what colour was their feet?

-Em, they were silver sir.

-Detective: You mentioned that everything was dark there, so how did you see the shape and colour of their feet? What was your motivation?

-Motivation of what? I didn't kill him sir, I ...

-Detective: I did ask about the motivation of saying that story, but it seems that you've accepted that you're the killer, you're under arrest for further investigation.


Hope you liked it😍🤗

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