Interesting facts about cinemas

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There are some interesting facts about cinemas that not everyone who is a fan of cinema might know.

It's always more exciting to watch a movie in a movie theatre than to watch it at home. This is one of the reasons why many people go to the cinema regularly. Bright Side mentions some interesting things about American cinema that not everyone is aware of. Read them below:

1) An important part of cinemas' income is not from ticket sales

It may sound a little strange, but cinemas make more money by selling popcorn and groceries to visitors than by selling tickets. Cinemas have to pay a lot of money to studios in the first two months of release. After these two months, all the profits belong to the cinema itself. That is why a number of films are still being shown six months after their release.

2) Too much stealing movies in the cinema

Smuggling movies is a bad thing, but some people go to the cinema on the first day of the show to shoot a newly released movie. Cinema staff try to prevent this and sometimes evict them. In the United States, filmmakers will receive a $ 500 reward if they prevent the theft of films.

3) Children and teens can watch adult movies

Many cinemas try to prevent this from happening, but sometimes it is inevitable. A trick used by some teenagers is to buy two tickets, one of which is for a non-adult movie. After entering, they go to the hall where the adult film is shown.

4) The audience cries and runs away from the cinema

What was your strongest emotional reaction to a movie? You may have cried because of the film's impact, or you may have turned your back on the screen because of a scary sequence. Many people in cinemas can not control their emotions, and for example, one of the audience fainted while watching the movie "Raw". For this reason, cinema staff are always equipped with first aid kits.

5) Many people avoid watching 3D movies

The golden age of 3D movies is coming to an end, but not just because tickets to these types of movies are expensive; There is another reason to prefer 2D to 3D movies. When wearing 3D glasses, the eyes tell the brain that you are moving. But the middle ear, which is responsible for maintaining stability, tells the brain that you are not moving. These contradictions cause inconvenience to the audience.

6) Scream does not help in case of image corruption

While a movie projector is set up during the day, no one will be sitting in the room while watching a movie. Digital devices do all the work themselves. So when something goes wrong, you have to inform one of the employees and shouting towards the projector room is useless because no one is present.

7) Cinemas are full of garbage on weekends

A short interval between the screening of two films will not be enough for the staff to clean the cinema again. As a result, the floor may be sticky or you may find a chewing gum under your chair. If you want to watch a movie in a clean cinema, try going to the cinema in the morning. In the United States, too, some people are reluctant to go to the movies on busy Saturday nights.

8) Sometimes there are fights during the screening of the film

A conflict can take place anywhere, including cinema; Although there is no reason for conflict and no one uses force to defend a film. Of course, someone who loves fighting always finds a reason.

9) You are under surveillance!

In every cinema, there are cameras that are set to the audience. These cameras are not only a security tool, but also help prevent conflicts or theft of movies.

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