How to be a good leader despite being introverted?

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Most people who are introverted do not usually become good leaders, but there are some ways in which an introvert can become the best leader in the group.

Leading a company in times of a global pandemic and organize a team despite the struggles of social work is very difficult, while hope that 2021 better year compared to 2020 And there are always challenges for leaders, which is why introverts want to be strong leaders at the top of any company or group.  

A certain group of leaders do not show as much power as the rest, and introverts know many of the extraordinary leaders of their industry, but prefer to keep their knowledge to themselves rather than present it. While leaders are charismatic and noisy, whose names often appear on the front pages of publications, introverted leaders can achieve the same success and then some more success.

There is no secret formula for the leadership function of introverts, you just have to choose what you offer more carefully and this guide helps introverts to do their best to become the best introvert leader. 

Focus on your strengths

Introverts have a set of skills that extroverts usually lack, and focusing on these strengths will give them as much success as others.

Introverts may find that they excel in some of the following characteristics:



Introverts are better listeners because they are more reluctant to speak. The ability to listen to the professionalism of employees, customers and stakeholders is a great strength. People want to be seen, and in today's busy world, few people are given the opportunity. By focusing more on listening to your team as an introverted leader, let that power shine through and this will be the most influential part of your introverted leadership style.

Critical Thinking

 The ability to take a step back with critical thinking and problem-solving skills helps introverts, and rushing into decisions in a sensitive situation is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Leaders are often responsible for making the biggest and most difficult decisions.

Get out of your safe zone

Do not be too comfortable just relying on your strengths. You need to constantly strive to get out of your comfort zone and focus on your weaknesses. For most introverted leaders, this means that they are more inclined to talk about certain scenarios, such as meetings and lectures. Public speaking is not the only weakness that introverts should be aware of. In fact, for many introverts, this is not a weakness at all. Each person is unique, meaning that their strengths and weaknesses are entirely their own. Some introverted leaders will have difficulty building relationships with their team members. Others struggle with discipline and confrontation, while others struggle to make quick decisions without being able to make decisions about them. Each of these may affect you, so look for opportunities to work on them as you step out of your comfort zone.

Be original

As you strive to gain strength through your shortcomings, do not forget to embrace your true self. You are an introverted leader, so you do not have to pretend to be an extrovert to succeed as a leader. In fact, sticking to who you really are is the best formula for your personal success. Your group will appreciate your originality. As an introvert, if you dress just to impress yourself, they will probably notice through you. The leader should not hide himself in order to be welcomed. An important part of being introverted is defining your level of introversion. Many introverts are not shy and do not shy away from people as one might think. Instead, introverts prioritize their time alone because social interaction is more tedious for them than extroverts. If your group understands this, they will be more supportive of your needs.

Build an optimal team

You will not easily overcome your weaknesses and you may have to carry your whole life with you. In the meantime, you can overcome your personal challenges by being surrounded by the right talent. Building a team that complements your skills and weaknesses from top to bottom is in the best interest of the organization. A study by the Academy of Management shows that extroverted leaders excel when leading a team of passive people. Conversely, active teams do not fit in with extroverted leaders, but grow with introverted management. Different styles between leadership and team can complement each other. When you reach the leadership position, try to form a team that will make you productive. An introverted leader should make more use of the initiative and creative members of his team.

Connect with your group

It has been mentioned many times before that if you are an introverted leader, connecting with your team can be difficult. However, introverts tend to build close, personal relationships, and the closer you are to your team on a personal level, the better you can guide them to your personal style. You can understand their needs because they recognize your needs and you can work together more smoothly. You may have thought about it when portraying the challenges you have to overcome, but set some goals to communicate with your team. Perhaps the goal is to ask more personal questions each week or engage in more extracurricular activities. The benefits are certainly greater than the effort you will put into doing so.

Get guidance from extroverts

Although you should not be forced to change introverted methods, you can benefit from the advice of your extroverted friends. An introverted leader can also learn from extroverted leaders. Using the mindset of extroverts can influence your work. With their help, you will be better equipped to meet all your leadership challenges.

Take advantage of technology

You can rely on technology to do many things without straying from your introverted ways. This does not mean that you should use technology as a way to protect your safe haven, but technology can help you create the middle ground for the most effective leadership level. Project management software allows you to control the team and their tasks as much as you want. It also provides online messaging that may enable you to better communicate your current capacity personally with your team.

In a world with Covid-19, lowering video conferencing etiquette would be helpful in several scenarios. Video communication can be even more difficult for some people than face-to-face communication. With the increase of remote teams and social distance, there is no better time to use this skill than now.

Your group needs the best introverted leader. Instead of trying to figure out who you are, use this guide to unlock your introversion as a way to succeed. You begin to remember how your group benefits from your genuine leadership and how happy you are as a leader.


Hope it be useful.🤗🤗

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Well said,fellow introverts must read this. Thanks, it was truly uplifting🤗

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