Best short scary movies, top5

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It seems that many of the creators of horror think that the scary means that characters sitting and doing nothing special until suddenly a loud and terrible scene happen; This will waste a lot of your time looking at empty rooms, door locks and other things in the hope of experiencing a special and scary mood. That's why a filmmaker gets more attention when he or she has the ability to tell a scary yet engaging story in less than five minutes. Here is top5 of short scary movies from my perspective;

5- Phil-a-del-phi-a

This is one of the strangest films of its kind, made by a director nicknamed Broadway. In this film, we do not see any clear threat to any of the characters. Two children are on the path and it seems to be the apocalypse, when every loud noise causes man to disappear by a creature. The scariest scene in the movie is when the older brother accidentally makes a loud noise and eventually disappears.

4- Night Watchmen

The short film, which is about a minute long, tells the story of a police officer who is looking for his colleague. He first finds the car and finally his colleague, who is injured on the other side of the fence. But there is another person behind him who seems to be to blame.

3- Lot 254

If you think that jump jumps or sudden fears are not suitable for horror movies, ignore this movie directed by Toby Mickins, otherwise this movie is the best option for you. A man in the film has a broken 8mm camera that he fixes by removing the cross-shaped rods from inside the camera. But when he tests it, he notices that there is a scary creature in the room next to him that has been released by separating the bars.

2- Lights Out

The movie, which has received about 10 million views, is perhaps the most well-known movie on this list. There is no dialogue in this film and you are instilled with fear throughout it. In this film, we see a woman who turns off the lights, but as soon as it goes out, she sees the shadow of someone who disappears by turning on the lights again. But when she enters the room in fear, he encounters something unfortunate.

1- Tuck Me In

The film is shorter than any of the works on this list and only one minute, but it is very strange and scary. When a child sleeps, he tells his father to look under the bed so that a monster does not bother him. When his father checks under the bed...


Hope you enjoy...

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