Amazing facts about movies

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Sometimes things happen that are intriguing movies' projects, this things connect movies to the reality more authoritative...

Here are some of these facts:

Sylvester Stallone had two turtles in the movie "Rocky" and announced some time ago that he still keeps them and they are now 45 years old. He also used them in the movie "Creed" in 2018.

Chris Pratt has kept his costume for the role in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" so that he can use it when he goes to see the children in the hospital.

Stephen Hawking donated a large number of material to "The Theory of Everything". Including a badge of honor as well as a dissertation signed by him.

The cat you saw in the movie "The Godfather" was not in the original script of the Godfather; But after Brando found a street cat on the set, it was added to the film.

In the movie "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", a sequence of the movie was to be filmed in St. Paul's Cathedral; But construction was underway in this church. So as not to delay filming, they made up the real workers who were working there and gave them film costumes so that they could film the sequence in their presence.

For the cornfield sequence in the movie "Interstellar", the creators of this work planted corn on a land of about 500 hectares. At the end of filming, these corns were sold for profit.

The sound used in the movie "Jurassic Park" for the Velaspter dinosaurs was actually the sound of ground turtles.

Will Smith had a dog with him in the movie "I am legend" who is said to have kept him after the filming was over; But the dog's trainer was reluctant to do so.

In the movie "Shawshank redemption ", in order to prevent the crow which was present on the scene from interrupting the actor, the character had to say his sentences with a certain timing and he had to learn how to communicate with the birds.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who played two soap makers in Fight Club, really learned how to make soap.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" received a special award from the Academy Awards; An ordinary Oscar with seven small Oscars!


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