Actors who put themselves in danger for playing rules

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Sometimes actors care so much about their roles that their lives may even be in danger.

The actors immerse themselves in the depth of their role; In this process, it may be due to successful make-up, living for several months as a movie character, or their insistence on real harm, that their acting is done in the best possible way, but sometimes in this process, it is possible to reach the right role-playing conditions. , To take these actors to the point of being killed.

Here are some examples of method acting that actors might lose their lives for.

Tom Hanks in "Cast Away"

Directed by Robert Zamkis, the film stars Tom Hanks as being trapped on a deserted island after a plane crash. He gained 22 kilograms to look like a middle-aged man, and then had to lose a lot of weight to look like someone who had been stranded on the island for years. But that's not all. He suffered a minor injury and scratch on the island, which he did not address and led to a staph infection. This infection can cause cardiac arrest and death.

John Hart in "The Elephant Man"

In the film "Elephant Man", which is one of the best works of David Lynch, John Hart plays the lead role. Due to the heavy make-up that had to be applied to this role on Hart's face, there was a risk of suffocation of this actor in various situations such as sleeping. According to several sources, he forgot to stand and therefore suffocated several times.

Robert De Niro "Angry Cow"

Angry Cow is one of the best films in the history of cinema and according to some critics, it is the best film of the 80's. But making the film was not an easy task, especially for De Niro. For this role, he increased his weight from 65 kg to 113 kg, and this sudden increase caused him respiratory and even speech problems. That's why Scorsese delayed production for a while so that De Niro would not have a heart attack.

Gerard Balter in "Single Wave Chase"

Gerard Balter trained to star in "Single Wave Chasing," but did not seem to be well-trained in safety. He briefly drowned while filming in California. He died, but eventually survived.

Joseph Gordon in "Ultimate Speed"

In this film, Gordon plays the role of a cyclist courier and injures himself in one of the scenes. He insisted on doing all the stunts himself, but an accident happened to him and he crashed into a taxi from behind. An accident that breaks the rear window of the car and causes serious damage to Gordon. 31 stitches are applied to this wound.

Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky 4"

Sylvester Stallone is not an actor who uses a stuntman instead. That's why he asks Dolph Landgren to really punch him for the sequel to the final fight in "Rocky 4" to make their fight look real. Landgren's blow sent Stallone to the hospital, where he was treated for nine days. Stallone described his impact as a car crash.

Buddy Absen in "The Wizard of Oz"

Absen was supposed to play the role of "Teen Man" in the film, but for this role he had to wear metal clothes and heavy makeup was done on him. But the main thing happened 9 days before the start of filming and it turned out that the actor is allergic to aluminum. Aluminum was a big part of "Teen Man" character costumes. The allergy sent him to the hospital for two weeks and was replaced by another actor (Jack Holly).


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