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In this report, I want to introduce you to 10 actors who received their salaries despite not playing in a movie.

An actor must be paid on a daily or weekly basis for filming, regardless of whether the images were in the final version of the film and To be included or not. Although some major actors are allowed to contribute to box office sales under their contracts, the basic rules of the Actors Guild are not negotiable and must be observed. However, the Film Actors Guild is an independent body whose members do not represent all actors, so not all films are made according to the rules of the association.

But when it comes to actors' salaries, the rules of this association are considered as the main basis. However, the rules of the Film Actors Guild can lead to interesting things: sometimes when an actor is replaced or left out for any other reason, they still receive their salaries because of the contracts they have and the rules of the Film Actors Guild. In the continuation of this article, I want to introduce you to 10 actors who were paid for not acting, or better to say, they received their salaries despite not acting in a film.

10- Johnny Depp for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 3

In recent months, Johnny Depp has been in a whirlwind of controversy, thanks to the revelation of stories of domestic violence between him and his ex-wife, Amber Heard. While Depp and Heard ruthlessly accuse each other of many things, and this has provoked many negative reactions against both of them, Depp sued the publisher of the British newspaper and its editor, Dan Wootan, but at the end he lost the verdict and it's further damaged Depp's credibility.

Despite appearing in one of the lead roles in the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them series by JK Rowling, Warner Bros. has announced that there are no longer intends to use the actor in the third installment of the film, which is in production. Slowly Depp has agreed to the production studio's request and will be paid at least $ 10 million for just one day on the set. The role of Gellert Grindelwald, which used to belong to him, has now been given to the Danish actor Mads Mickelson, and the production of this film without Depp has started to be released in 2022. Johnny Depp is also trying to challenge the outcome of the British court and save his reputation and career.

9- Marlon Brando for Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2 is best known for it's stars, starring alongside Anna Faris, James Woods, David Cross and Tim Kerry. However, one of the actors who was supposed to have a short role in the film, but ultimately failed to play it, was Marlon Brando, the legendary face of Hollywood cinema. Brando was originally set to play McPhee's father, one of the exorcists who appeared at the beginning of the satirical film. However, when it came time to start filming, Brando dropped out of the project due to his illness and was paid $ 2 million for just one day on the set. The Wyan brothers later replaced James Wood with Brando, and he was able to add an unforgettable comic aspect to this short role.

According to reports, Brando also had a problem the same day of filming. Due to his advanced age, he was unable to retain the dialogues of his role, and due to pneumonia during filming, he had to wear an oxygen mask when filming stopped. That's why the Mayan brothers left him out of the project and replaced Woods in favor of the film, because the presence of a legendary actor like Brando in such an unpleasant situation could be stressful for the creators and all the producers and negatively affect the end result.

8- Billy D. Williams in Batman Forever

For the sequel to the successful Batman movie in 1989, Tim Burton decided to use famous villains to confront the Batman character. The penguins of Danny DeVito and the catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer returned to their roles, but Billy D. Williams, who appeared as a two-faced character, was completely removed from the final script. Williams played Harvey Tenet in the first Batman movie. However, when it came to Batman Returns, Burton decided to separate the sequel altogether from the original, so he dropped Williams before filming began.

However, when it came time to shoot Batman Forever, directed by Joel Schumacher, it was confirmed that the two-faced character would be the other villain alongside Ridler. Fans were excited about the return of Billy D. Williams, as they had been waiting for it for a long time, but in the end it was Tommy Lee Jones who took on the role in another casting case. Apparently, despite the fact that Williams was supposed to play the role of the two characters in the next Batman films according to his contract, despite not being selected, he received his salary for this role. Fans also saw Williams' two-faced character 28 years later playing Williams in The Lego Batman Movie.

7. Jack Whitehall in Frozen

British comedian Jack Whitehall is currently preparing to make a new Disney movie called Jungle Cruise, which will take him away from the role of a comedian. But this is not the first time the actor is set to star in a Disney movie, as he voiced one of the original Frozen characters, Guthy Troll, but the voices he recorded for the role are not in the final version. Whitehall had said he was happy with the soundtrack to the Disney masterpiece, even though his entire appearance in the film was a line of dialogue: "I declare you a couple." Completely removed along with his character.

To this day, Whitehall is angry about this issue and has mentioned it in his interviews and made jokes about it in his stand-up comedies. However, Disney paid Whitehall for this omitted dialogue, although his name is not mentioned in the film's credits. However, the comedian played Gothi Troll in the Broadway version of the animated series Frozen to make up for his unpleasant removal from the movie version.

6- Sami Davis Jr. in Diamonds Are Forever

Of all the celebrity's short appearances in the James Bond franchise, the short role of Sami Davis Jr. in diamonds are forever is arguably the greatest, as Davis had a legendary place in the history of cinema. However, his brief appearance in the film was removed in the final film version, and only his image was seen in the DVD. Sami Davis Jr., a multi-talented actor and one of the most famous black actors of the 50's and 60's, was not surprised to play as a Las Vegas gambler in a James Bond film about diamond smuggling.

His short comic book presence as an unlucky gambler could have given Diamonds Are Forever a different charm, but in disbelief, for no apparent reason, the role was dropped from the final version.

5. Nicholas Cage in Superman Lives

In the 1990s, after his success with Batman films, Tim Burton was cast in Superman Lives, which was canceled before filming began. However, the strangest fact about the film was that Nicholas Cage was set to play Iron Man. In 2015, John Shanp documented a canceled Superman project called The Death Of "Superman Lives": What Happened? It was revealed that he had revealed a lot of information about this canceled film. It turned out that Superman Lives was actually the idea for Cage, who was himself a fan of comic books, and the story of the film was about Superman fighting his weirdest enemy, Brianiac, who was supposed to play Jim Carrey or Gary Oldman in the form of a Very giant mechanical spiders play.

To this day, the only thing about the film is the experimental footage in which Cage wears the Batman character in red and blue with long hair. When pictures of Cage in this dress were published on the Internet, many considered it a hoax. In addition, Cage was paid $ 20 million to appear in the film before filming began. Eventually, however, all the money the developers had invested in the project and the idea of ​​a giant mechanical spider went to the Wild Wild West project starring Will Smith.

4- Harrison Ford in ET

The legendary actor was set to play the role of Elliott School Principal. In one of the scenes in the film, after a friendship with a space creature affects Elliott's lesson, Elliott is sent to the school principal's office. In this sequence, Ford enters and plays the role of school principal without any problems, but Spielberg deleted this sequence before the release of the film. In the end, all that remains of Ford in the film is his different voice. Spielberg feared that Ford's brief presence would divert attention from the characters of T and Elliott, as Harrison was one of Hollywood's most famous figures at the time for his starring roles in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Spielberg did not want Ford to divert the viewer's attention from the main point of the film, especially when it came to film marketing, because Ford could take all the credit for the film and therefore the sequence containing his play in the theatrical complete version. However, opaque sequences of Ford play in this sequence were later published on YouTube. Even in the new version of the film, which was released on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of its production, there was no trace of Harrison Ford.

3- Toby Maguire in Life Of Pi

Life Of Pi was one of the most important films of 2012. Made by the famous Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee and starring Suraj Sharma, the film did not look like any other film made that year. The film was very new and original and did not contain any of the usual Hollywood clichés or star power, except for Gerard Depardieu, who in 2012 was completely out of the mainstream media and no longer had the reputation of the past. All of this was deliberately planned because Lee wanted viewers to focus on the mystical aspects of the story, not the actors.

Proof of this was the fact that although Spider-Man actor Toby Maguire starred in the film and had real sequences, these sequences were eventually removed due to the negative impact of his stellar power on an ambitious film. Maguire previously worked with Ang Lee in The Ice Storm in 1997, and it was this collaboration that led him to play the role of a writer who interviews Pi in adulthood in Life Of Pi. But when Lee watched the final result in the post-production stages, he came to believe that Maguire's stellar power would affect the film's emotional sequences.

2-Mick Jagger in Fitzgerald

Werner Herzog's epic masterpiece Fitzcarraldo is still regarded today as one of the masterpieces in the history of cinema, a great film in its nature, despite the fact that it was an absolute nightmare. The film tells the story of a rubber merchant who lifts a steamboat from a steep hill. Jason Robards was originally set to play Fitzgerald, and Rolling Stones member Mick Jagger was cast as his assistant, Wilbur. However, Robards became ill and was replaced by the grumpy Klaus Kinski, but Mick Jagger was dropped altogether. While Robards retired from acting for a long time due to dysentery, Jagger could not return to filming due to his band tour in the United States in 1981.

As a result, Herzog had to rewrite the script. He removed Wilbur's character and wrote the role of Fitzgerald to suit Klaus Kinski. Despite the conflict between the two in previous projects, Herzog knew that Kinski would be the only actor who could cope in this situation. Apparently, Mick Jagger liked his role in this movie very much, and there are still pictures of Jagger playing alongside Robards, which is very different from Kinski playing Fitzgerald. Jagger and Robards had a very relaxed style of play while Kinski played a very tense game. Robards and Jagger are also said to have received significant pay for their unsuccessful appearances in the film.

1- Michael Bean in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Michael Bean is best known for his role as Kyle Reese, the hero of the Resistance who played Schwarzenegger in the original The Terminator. However, sequences related to him in the sequel to the movie called Terminator 2: Judgment Day were removed from the movie version. In an effort to help connect the audience with Sarah Connor's emotional anguish, James Cameron filmed a sequence in which Connor dreams of Reese strengthening himself and escaping from the mental hospital where he is being held. Although keeping this sequence could not distract the audience from the story, it was removed due to the long duration of the film (2 hours and 10 minutes). Cameron felt that this dream sequence and another sequence at the beginning of the story could be deleted without much impact on the film's narrative, and therefore the sequences related to Bean would be omitted altogether.


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