7 scary scenes in games!!!

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In the following report, I have explained 7 scary games to you that many people could not stand playing them...

In horror games we sometimes see things that are really hard to bear. Some gamers are so overwhelmed with horror that many prefer to stop playing and turn off the console. In this article, I talked about this topic and told you about 7 moments of horror games that many could not stand.

7) breathe - Detention

Detention is one of those horror games that has a special kind of fear. At first glance, the world of this two-and-a-half-dimensional adventure game may not seem so scary and terrifying. But when you first see one of your two playable characters being slaughtered in front of your eyes, you realize that the dangerous ghosts of the game are not joking with you at all. That is when fear and apprehension pervade your whole being and you can not take the painful sounds that come out of the larynx of ghosts. More interestingly, the border of this fear and apprehension shifts again when player confronted with the first Lantern Specter, to the point that you may actually turn off the console and become a careless Detention experience.

Lanterns are tall ghosts holding a lighthouse. If you try to escape from them, you will suddenly go back to the teleport and you will face real fear. These creatures find you by the sound of your breathing, and the only way to deal with them is to just hold your breath. What is really hard to do in front of such a horrible creature is to make you really hold your breath for a few seconds at the same time as the character under your control.

6) Go down the ladder - FEAR

The first version of the FEAR series was really scary and stressful. Alma's character was so well paid that the gamer always felt his presence in one step. During the game, we waited every moment for the head of this evil little girl to be found in the dark and make us jump a few meters from our place for the hundredth time.

Personally, I will never forget that damn jump that took place near one of the game ladders. As you walked down the ladder, Alma suddenly appeared in front of your face and you inadvertently started screaming in fear. Interestingly, Alma surprised you again by coming down the ladder, and by placing an imaginary creature, she made you so scared that you were in a bad mood for a while. Yes, there were two jumps of skiers in a row, which was really difficult not to be afraid of.

5) Looking back - PT

Undoubtedly, PT is one of the most atmospheric horror games ever made. The game was not just about a scary monster or a killer ghost. No, the PT, with its narrow corridors, gave the audience such a terrible sense of insecurity that there was no precedent.

This feeling of insecurity only intensified when the radio at the end of the corridor started saying "Look behind you" and when you really came back, you suddenly saw Lisa's face, which was only a few centimeters away from your eyes, and you started to be scared and to scream. This PT was really out of place and unpredictable and practically no one could be ready for it.

4) Looking at the water - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is, in my opinion, the scariest game of the last ten years, and I have mentioned it many, many times in various articles. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was suspended so that your body would freeze with fear and you would not be able to sit for several hours in a row. The worst moment of the game is the dispute with Kairenk. An invisible monster huddled in the water-filled tunnels of the dreaded playhouse, tearing to pieces anyone who dipped his foot in the water. The only way to deal with Kaernak was to jump on the scattered boxes and find your way. However, Kaernak's footsteps in the water gave us less and less hope to escape from this area at any moment, and in the end do not dare to jump on the boxes for fear of intensifying.

3) The first encounter - Alien Isolation

I think the only scary game that could be a good replacement for Amnesia is Alien Isolation. From the very beginning of the game, by forcing the audience to surf the Sostapol space station, the taste of fear tastes good to the audience. We were on an empty ship with signs that each of its crew had been killed by a ruthless creature. This reinforced the sense of insecurity in the Alien Isolation world even more, and when the other game was sure that this sense had reached its highest level, it just showed us Xenomorph to beat the horror for a few seconds. Before our eyes, Zinomorf tore one of the last living scientists to pieces and told us in a dumb tongue that you were the next person.

2) Live Mannequins - Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of those pure diamonds in the world of horror games that unfortunately many have not experienced. Condemned: Criminal Origins, by combining the horror elements of American Slusher films with psychological fear, made it practically impossible for anyone to survive and finish the gaming experience. The worst moment of the game occurs when you step into Bart's store. At first, the atmosphere of this store, like the rest of the game locations, was dark and full of scary creatures. But when you get to the place where the mannequins were stored, everything changes at once. Yes, there was a problem with these weird mannequins. Game mannequins moved freely around the store when they were unaware of them. In the beginning, this was done very subcutaneously, but from one place to another, as soon as you turned your head, you saw dozens of mannequins lined up behind you. It was one of the scariest moments anyone could experience during the stages of a game and it was so stressful that it took a lot of patience to keep going.

1) Killing Eddie Glossken - Outlast: Whistleblower

The first part of Outlast had a story-driven add-on pack called Whistleblower, which I think was more painful and scary than the original game itself. Do not you believe? So be sure to read these next few lines carefully. At one point in the game, we were caught by a man named Eddie Glossken.

Eddie locked us in a closet and forced us to witness one of the most painful moments in the history of video games. At this moment we saw Eddie tearing a perfectly conscious man to pieces and trying to create his perfect wife by changing his gender. Yes, the situation was just as dire. The bad news was that in the end, Eddie was still unhappy with the outcome of his work, ending his miserable life by squeezing the unlucky man's head in the middle of a chainsaw. It was really painful to look at these moments and many of us were not able to see it until the end.

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