Psychological Violence

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Psychological violence is more difficult to identify compared to other types of violence, this could be the most common and least notorious type of violence of all.

Types of psychological violence:

  • Imposition of conduct

  • Intimidation

  • Hostility

  • Deception

  • Demoralization

  • Excessive jealousy

Imposition of conduct.

These are acts related to giving orders, abusive insistence, social blocking, among others.

Some examples are:

  • Forbid you to hang out with certain people.

  • Tell you what to wear and what not.

  • Make decisions without consulting / Asking.


Deliberately causing or instilling fear.

Some examples are:

  • Being afraid of your partner.

  • Hit / throw objects when angry.

  • Says passive aggressive comments.


Motivating force, a conscious and unconscious impulse aimed at attempting harm or destroying an animate or inanimate object.

Some examples are:

  • Makes hurtful jokes.

  • Criticize your physical appearance.

  • Threatens to end the relationship.


Lack of truth in what is said, done, believed, thought or spoken.

Some examples are:

  • Is unfaithful to you.

  • Gaslighting.

  • Lies to you on a regular basis.


Take away value, consideration or prestige from someone or something.

Some examples are:

  • It makes you feel bad if you do not agree to sexual acts.

  • Makes you feel guilty about his own behavior.

Excessive jealousy

Intense emotion that is experienced when there is an exaggerated desire to exclusively possess your partner.

Some examples are:

  • Your partner checks your cell phone / laptop.

  • Constantly questions you.

  • Be jealous of your friends and / or family.

Here I present 6 types of psychological violence that most of the time we do not know how to recognize until we feel that something is wrong, manipulation is an essential part until we become puppets and they make us believe that the problem is us.

Psychological violence occurs not only in women but also in men, between close family members and friends. The important thing is to realize it in time and take the necessary measures so that it does not affect our lives and our environment. Above all, try to educate our children in the best way so that it does not influence their formation and they repeat behavior patterns in the future. Remember, who loves does not hurt.


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