Your Partner Will Hurt You(Forgiveness Is The Key)

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3 years ago

Recently my major articles has been on relationship.why? People slot of relationships has fallen, marriages has been broken.. in which the problem is from the foundation of the love.

Never expect much from people because people will always be humans. Someone can still give some much attention, care , and still not love you. When you are in need they will always show up and render help but still they do not really love you🤔 Because love should be unconditional.... love should forgive and forget...

There will be a time in our relationship that will face challenges, fight, misunderstanding..etc. But the so call partner might not forgive you.

That's why I said earlier that *forgiveness* is the key. Yes it is... But because as ladies we are moved by emotions and less of action. The charade of emotions usually blinds us to see that their is deficiency in the actions

Someone can be buying you gift but never takes your advice, he can be calling you but he really don't not respect you or just as this believe that you don't have anything to add to his life. He doesn't need you. You need him. Love🤔.....Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for can be a family or friend.

Even in relationships, It's you that can forgive him, but when you do anything he can beat you up get very angry and slap you send you out of his house or embrass you outside. Then still send you good night text. And buy you a gift saying he is Sorry. Infact someone can be sweet and romantic but yet the spirit of forgiveness might be far from him.

All that matters is deep affection because most of the times,we are the one in love. Some guys can bribe our love, once they have little change in there pocket to get us gifts, to take us out, they can do everything for you but still not love you.

We shouldn't force love as well, let it come naturally. A man can actually play along to be in love, pretend to be real, over look some mistakes, accept you, listen to you and still not love you, especially when they see you're forcing that love on them.

Also some guys are just obsessed with the idea of having you that they will never see you do anything wrong. You are always right , then when you get married they complain that you have changed. Listen, you didn't change they were just so obessed that they felt if they correct you, you will leave the relationship so they won't talk until you become their wife.

Love means to be affectionate, benevolent concern or care for other people well-being. But the fact is that some people can pretend as if they care for your well-being,but still they can't manage you

There are some who will even take back everything they bought for you...I know of someone who went to collect his girlfriend's phone and wig🤤😂

Let love come from them more and ladies should reciprocate, else some will take you for granted, and each offend him it will be very difficult for him to say sorry.

What did I mean by manage, love is all about management,(by accepting you with your weakness most times,by taking you with your imperfection,but the bitter truth is that with your constraint they can't accept you the way you are,they pretend in all things until they make you unhappy at the end instead for them to react whenever you offend them,but they pretend as if nothing as happen,even when you say sorry still they don't forgive.

But what can you now do?

A) Allow the forgiveness to come from you first.

B) Call your partner and talk concerning your home

C) Appreciate your privacy

D) Run away from men or women who never loves you deeply.

You might be wondering how will you know a man or woman who do not truly loves you🤔

The simple answer is, when there love is based on physical things E.g they will tell you, I love you because of your lips or because of your figure. All these things might changed over time. A true love should be based on things that can changed. Like saying, I love you because of your intellect, I just love you for who you are.etc.

I hope you find this article useful to your marital life.

Thanks for reading.

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3 years ago


This issue of love in relationships has "lots of fabric to cut.".

forgiveness is not forgetting. He cannot have forgotten it simply because you cannot make a blur on your mind. But you can forgive from the bottom of your heart for love. Maintain love for a worthwhile person who did a bad deed due to bad life circumstances. It is a very difficult situation but not impossible. Forgiveness is part of love, you release the cause of your pain and you forgive.

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3 years ago

Communication and understanding is the very best thing that is need in marriage to forgive is good but to forget its not sage how do we learn and understand when we forget it not a process of learn nor will it help. To forget is not practical.

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3 years ago

Yes dear... Communication and understanding is the best thing in a relationship. The best thing is to forgive but it takes grace to forget..

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3 years ago