Why Am So Much Happy Today

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3 years ago

Hi friends, I am super excited today.Do you want to know why? Relax.

I am a student running my degree course at a federal University. I am a kind of a girl who doesn't like depending on others because have been disappointed before. I tried to make ends meet as a student. I really work hard both academically and socially.

Am an upcoming engineer, a fashion designer, a motivational speaker, graphics designer and a programmer. I so much derive Joy in all I do. I make some cash on this jobs I do when students are in school and I save the money I get from every jobs.

But unfortunately, things change these past few months because of Coronavirus pandemic. All schools was shut down, total lockdown everywhere. I was down because no job to do.

Funny enough, I was hooked up in school, I couldn't travel. I could remember the question that popped into my mind was how do I survive this? How do I pay my school fees when we resume? Where will I get money to send to my younger ones?

On one faithful morning, I woke up and gathered all the money left on me and walk straight to where I could buy some poultry birds. I wants to go into poultry farming. I also made some researches about the business.

All my friends make jest of me, call me different names, some encourages me. But I took my stand that am really going into it. I affirm positive words into the business everyday.

I got the birds, 100birds which includes 50 layers and 50 boilers. My uncle supported me by allowing me to do the farming on his site. I was so happy.

For the first few months I almost run at losses. The birds were dying. I was confused, tensed and sad. But my affirmation daily help me to keep standing. I also faced some problems like money for feeding and others.

But to my surprise I get to my farm this morning and I saw some eggs. You know what my layers have started laying eggs. I couldn't control my happiness. Although, it's only two eggs but at last I made it. This made me write to share with my friends on read.cash.

All pictures were taken with my Android phone.

Thanks for reading. Please encourage me too friends.

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3 years ago