What Ruined A First Date( My Advice To Ladies)

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3 years ago

Let's talk about this short story, a man took his fiance out on a date and it was actually their first date ever. The first question the guy asked the girl is what are your plans in the next five years🙄🙄 🙄. The girl who just finished her education was dumbfounded and she couldn't answer the guy because she doesn't know what to say and I guess she wasn't expecting such question on their first date. The question really ruined the date as the man became furious and said he can't marry a girl who do not have plans.

Now my question is ; Do you agree with the lady's act or the guy? And What is the most appropriate question to ask on a first date?

Am going to give my own thoughts about this matter and I will be glad if we can all share our own views about this story.

For me, the man has not gone too far but to be asking that question on a first date makes him too serious😂Like on the first date! He should have calm down small🤣🤣. But on the other hand, hmmmm I don't think the question is too much to ask someone who is well prepared for her future if am the one. But everyone can't be me.😀

No good man out there that doesn't want a good wife that has plans, dreams even if she hasn't accomplished any of them. He might wants to know her ambition,with that he can deduce if she's planning for a better future or not.

Questions on your first date should be the most interesting ones, it should be when you talk for hours. How can someone ask you your plan and you're not excited to start over talking?🤔 I will talk and full bucket if some one asked me that oh

Sincerely speaking... it's a very wonderful question...may be the lady in question don't have any plans for the future. The way we see life is different and our goals is different, to her the question is a big one and is not, such question should excite her.

It is when one doesn't have vision that you think such question is not too good for you. Different ladies with different priorities. We ladies must prove ourselves as vision oriented people.

The reason I support the guy,he want to be very sure if she is kind of lady that has the same foresight vision with him. So when they now asked and you keep singing for them they will just park u for one side. Fine girl no dream🤣🤣

Infact as a lady,i throw this to us, we too let us ask our guy,let us be very sure if he is the kind of person to work with in the school of vision accomplishment

That's what you get when u go on a date with serious people.You must see serious too. You as a lady must be readily at alert and make sure there's no dulling moment with you. If you can't answer this simple question how can you give answers to challenges that may arise in your relationship.

Let me give you a clue. Write out every possible questions and answer them in your head before they start shooting you with questions. Be prepared before you go for your first date

There are some guys that every thing with them is vision no romantic talk at all.... Nothing like love you, Miss you darling🤣🤣Infact I know someone like that no time for relationship,the only thing on his head is purpose pursuit,personal development.

That is the reason we must make use of our diary very well ,our diary is not only for writing memory event allow but for writing visions down,ideas when you read it you will be motivated and start working towards it

Ladies, Do we know the reason for business plan??? Business plan is just like business vision,how do you want your brand to grow globally, business plan helps you to start working towards the target you set,at time an important personnel may ask for your business plan,it will trigger him or her to know where to come in,advice to give,or any assistance to render the same thing applicable to visions

In conclusion, to be answered individually in the comments section below

1. how do you see yourself five years to come

2. What are the things you wish to accomplish five years to come

3 what are the resources you need to accomplish it

4 what are the things within your niche to accomplish it and more

So I will stop here because I don't want to talk too much 🙈🙈

You can also pen it down,don't forget your pen has voice.

Thanks for reading.

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It is the first date and you talk about fiancee? I can only laugh about that and that girl should have said: it's nice to meet you. Let's order first and discuss our personal future after that. I just finished my education and am curious to hear why you want to get married. I consider myself too young for it.

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