Ways parents can safeguard their children from the dark psychology of social Media

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While many focus on the manipulative usage of social media, projecting a fake life and encouraging different vices;  parents can point their children to the positive use of social media.

  • Know about social media

As parents, you should educate yourself about social media. This will help you to know how to monitor your children’s exposure and activities on social media. Different platforms spring up and staying abreast of these will help you in monitoring what is going on. For example, the most popular app now is TikTok.

Set an age limit for your children to start using social media

Most of the social media platforms require their users to be at least 13 years. As parents, you should study the activities on different social media platforms. This will assist you in setting the right age for your children to start using a particular platform.

  • Regularly monitor your children's privacy setting

As parents, you need to monitor your children’s privacy on their social media platforms. It is important to ensure that their accounts remain private. This will help to reduce their exposure and reduce their chances of falling victim to predators on social media.  You can also encourage the use of strong passwords to keep their social media accounts safe.

  • Set Guidelines for their social media use

Parents need to regulate their children’s use of social media. Agree on the time when children can make use of social media. Enforcing screen time for social media use will help guard against their kids becoming addicted to social media.

  • Keep an open dialogue with your children

Effective communication with children is important. Children should feel free to communicate with you. Children have many questions running through their minds as they grow. How and where they find answers contribute greatly to their growth. In addition to open lines of communication, they need to be comfortable to discuss their activities on social media with you.

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