The Sand of Time Are Unfathomable

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4 years ago

There are grains; that follow us, to keep track of time.

The grains of sand; in a sand clock.

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When, will our lives end, and why are our ancestors, buried, beneath the sand?

Where will we build; our future cities in?

Above clouds; of uncertainty; or beneath the sea; where we wish to swim; with the new creatures; that will roam free; once we clean; the earth’s basin.

The colored hue; of red, and blue.

The colored hue; of tan, and yellow.

Accepting; the heat, and humidity; of labor.

Of a mother’s welcome child; into the arms, of men.

Fit to embrace; the future.

Searching for clean water; and oil.

The riches, of mineral water; and soil.

With cotton; to guard their bodies.

With riches; to provide for their hunger.

Clouds, do become; a reflection; of what the earth has in store; for humanity.

We must pray; for abundant soil; to produce; this generation’s food; and for it to be shared among humans.

Food which is not cooked, but washed; and meat, for those in need of protein.

When, will we be able, to take quicksilver; out of fish; and when, will we, let go; of adornments; best suited for machines, and structures; to rebuild, and consolidate; safe, working environments; for the families; that will take care, of this; and the next; generation’s; ample scale of technologies; we can produce; immediately; once the time; is ripe; to lengthen, and extend; our lives; through correct; human maintenance; work, and recreation; as we lengthen our sleep; and let go; of time constricted, work schedules; and low paying jobs; that diminish; our life; as human beings; within society.

I am not the person, to make laws.

I am a good person; who will guard his expenditure, and consumption; wisely; as I wait; for fair skies, and weather; and opportunities; to breath in; sea water; desert smells; and springs; or autumns; without the stench; of smoke in the air.

Should you have time to read; manuals, and study guides; to amply broaden; your profession; be it medical; technological; mechanical; artistic, or divine; it is time to rest; and recuperate.

This world we live in; will never cease to be.

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4 years ago