Possible Mistakes you made That Might Cause Some Damages your Hair.

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Mistake 1: Not combing your hair before washing.

- Combing your hair before washing will help remove surface impurities.

- During combing, already dropped hairs are removed.

- A light stimulating massage will allow the shampoo nutrients to have a more effective effect.

- Combed hair before washing does not get tangled so much during the washing

Mistake 2: Hot - Cold. Incorrect water temperature.

Hot water makes the hair and scalp dry, washing away moisture from them. The desire to better cleanse hair of sebum activates the sebaceous glands, as a result, purity and freshness doesn’t appear.

Cold water does not wash hair enough: it does not cope with the elimination of dirt and sebum.


1. The optimal temperature for your hair washing is warm, comfortable for you.

2. The procedure of hair cleansing can be completed by cold rinsing: this will help close the opened scales, give the curls smoothness and radiance, as well as improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Mistake 3: Improper use of shampoo.

- shampoo does not match to your hair type;

- you apply the product from the bottle directly to the head;

- you use too much shampoo;

- you apply the product twice during daily hair wash;

- you apply shampoo along the entire length of the hair;

- you use the same shampoo for a long period of time.

You can fix the situation very simply:

- you should choose a new shampoo that matches your hair type. Take into account all the nuances: hair type, the presence of dandruff, length, color, dyed or natural;

- before washing your hair, you should comb it;

- you should foam the shampoo in your hands palms and apply it to the hair roots with your fingertips, evenly distributing over the entire surface of the head;

- you should make a light shampoo massage of your scalp for 2-4 minutes and than wash it off very, very carefully, without rushing and washing the hair roots well.

Mistake 4: Washing your hair too often or too rarely.

How many times to wash hair is a very individual question, it directly depends on the intensity of the sebaceous glands.

It’s recommended to not wash dry scalp too often. And to maintain water balance, you can choose a moisturizing hair spray

For greasy hair, it’s necessary more often cleansing, and it should always be with the use of special products. If it’s possible, try to increase the interval between washing procedures. If you need daily wash, use a light shampoo for daily use.

Yes, clean hair looks luxurious. Therefore, without a special need we teach ourselves to wash our hair every day. a day(24hours) is a period of purity and freshness. Though, it is recommended to wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Returning to such a schedule may initially be accompanied by some discomfort. But only at first. After some time, the hair will get used to it and from washing to washing it will look good.

Mistake 5: Washing my hair, by collecting it in a lump on the top of your head.

Hairdresser's recommendation: wash your hair leaving the strands in a natural position. Flowing foam is sufficient for the hair tips. Cleansing curls in this way makes it possible to avoid hair fluffing, tangling and trauma.

Mistake 6: Conditioner, balm, mask are rarely present during your cleansing process.

Owners of oily hair complain that these funds become the cause of rapid contamination of strands.

To prevent this:

- you should apply conditioner from the middle of the hair to the tips(do not apply to the hair roots);

- according to tricholgians, a hair mask is recommended to be done 1 time in 7-10 days;

- before applying the balm or mask, dab your hair with a towel - removing excess moisture, you will allow the product to act faster.

Mistake 7: Rubbing your hair with a towel.

Do not actively rub your hair. This is a too aggressive method of moisture removing, during which the hair is injured.

It’s better to:

- take a soft towel and wrap your hair;

- allow the fabric to absorb excess moisture;

- gently pat the strands;

- allow the curls to dry naturally or use a hairdryer (with warm air);

- as an alternative to a towel, you can use a special turban to dry your hair .

Mistake 8: Always drying the hair with a hair dryer.

Before starting a blow-drying, don’t forget to evenly apply a heat-protective spray to wet hair.

You can also comb the hair with a disentangling comb for wet hair. Soft, elastic bristles of such a comb delicately untangle naughty strands, without raising the cuticle and without provoking brittleness and cross-sections. From time to time, let your hair dry in a natural way - this gives the strands the opportunity to stay healthy.

It’s quite easy to correct the mistakes that are made while hair washing. And the result is sure to please, because the curls will become healthy, shiny and thick again.

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