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you can register with us as a *User*. In which case you get great and quality products at 23% discount. You get to use good Products. Look healthy and young

You can also be a partner as a *retailer*.

Buy products at 23% discount, sell and make gain of 30%.

And in case some of us here are thinking _"I don't know how to sell"_ and lack experience.

Many of Oriflame consultants never knew how to sell jack.

Even me talking, I find it very hard to sell when I joined.

But with our helpful tools, trainings, innovative apps to help you reccomend relevant products to your customers, elearning on selling, objections and marketing skills, online and offline trainings. Oriflame consultants are sells gurus. And we make alot of immediate profits from selling our products

These are some of the allowances paid by Oriflame to her consultants last money just for selling

This is different from the profit we make from the goods we sell oh

Tell me why I Won't love this company. She loads we monthly with profits that I sell, she pays me salary for selling and recruiting and she also gives me free accessories .

Just tell me why and I'd give you 1million reasons why I can't just quite.

*Registered Customer* : In Oriflame you have the opportunity to sign up as a preferred customer just to enjoy 23% discount on all the products you'll be shopping for. This means you shop directly from the company with your personal login details

*Registered Reseller* : As a reseller, You have the opportunity to shop for Oriflame products at discount rate and still sell them to make 30% profit and more (In cases of incentives). Cool Cash

*Business Builders* : As a business builder in Oriflame , your benefits are unlimited, starting from discount on products, sales profits, free gifts, monthly income, travels both international and local etc. To become a business builder, all you need to do is to share this amazing opportunity to your friends and family, recommend the beauty products and build your team. That way, the sky is just your stepping stone.

You can be a *builder*(like me) in this case you

*You use great product

*Get immediate gain from selling them

*You also have the chance of bringing in others in to the business. And the company paying you some compensation from their activities.

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