Learn The Correct Way To Use Actually and Currently

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4 years ago

The first mistake is using actually when you should say currently – for example, if you ask a friend, “Where do you work now?” and he says, “I actually work at a university.” This is incorrect.

Currently means “now or at the present moment.”

*The unemployment rate is currently 8%.✔ (the rate right now)

*I’m currently taking a course with Grammatical License.✔

(I’m taking a course now) Actually means “in reality,” and it is often used to make corrections.

Examples “You’re from Brazil so you speak Spanish, right?” ✔

“ Actually , Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.” ✔ (making a correction)

This research claims that unemployment is at 5%, but it’s actually 8%.✔ (= the real/true rate)

In other words, currently is another way of saying "at the moment" or "right now."

Please note that actually can either mean you're correcting someone or you're stating a fact.


'Ikotun is very hot,

it's CURRENTLY 52 degrees outside', says Ade.

'No, it's 40 degrees outside!', exclaimed Chioma.

'ACTUALLY it's 52 degrees outside', replied Danladi.


In the sentences above:

1) Ade was wrong for using 'currently' when he ought to have used 'actually'.

2) Danladi used the word 'actually' correctly and appropriately.


The two words are very different. While

Currently means to be presently doing something or what something is right now,

Actually - may mean "for real", after much thought; or used when you change your mind about something; or used when correcting someone.


I'm currently at the mall

It's currently raining.

You're actually going home?

Actually, I'll go home later.

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This is a good article. Though this may seem too cheap for an article writer to learn, we must remember that some people are not that fluent in English. Some countries place their languages above English, hence they need to learn.

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Good article. English is really tough for some people and they use words interchangeably. Thanks for this article dear

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