Is Education A Sure Platform To Having Money?

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Alot of people run after money neglecting the efficacy of Education. Some also focus on Education but at the end of the day they couldn't get a comfortable job. So I start to wonder, Is Education a sure platform to having money? I hope this article helps us change our perspectives and help us to see the importance of both money and Education.

Education and money are not on the same scale, so we shouldn't even compare them, education is a means and money is like a result of a means....

Being educated is not an automatic ticket to having money.... But being educated could be a good platform to help one have money.

So Is education a sure platform to having money?

Both Education and money goes together. Both are important.

But basically, education first before money..

As an educated person, you are smarter in your money making venture all things being equal.

Forget the way things are in our dear country. Things might not be smiling at us, I mean things might be hard but one thing is sure, Education is key. Some said and I quote ''Hadn't been I know business is the final certificate ni... I would have just saved all my school fees to start up a business trip''

1)To me education gives opportunity

2) Education will helps to have an insight for a successful businesses

3) Education helps you to know different way to brand your businesses. For example let's use online businesses.

How to sell online

If you are not educated,how can you promote your business unless you hired people.

Actually Education is salient, as well as money 💰. From the point of the parents, it is money they will use in sponsoring your education, on the part of the student, your education is a means to getting money. Both are dependent on each other.

If you have money and you don't have education, you will still feel a sense of not being complete and if you have education and no money you will still feel incomplete it's just that the sense of not being complete varies. So money- education is an intertwined symbiotic issue.

4) Education gives room for networking.

There are alot of things that money can't do. Money can't buy happiness, joy etc. But have you ever wonder that without money, we can't be educated and without Education we can't be successful. Education is not only about going to school, but for the fact that you learn something which maybe a trade, handwork you are gaining knowledge.

Permit me to say this, knowledge surpasses money. When you are knowledgeable about a particular thing and people can confirm it and give your work a high rate then money will surely come for you. Education Birth Money

This will be on the part of someone with education however doesn't have money...the person is on a search for money. Someone who has no education but has money will offer what he doesn't have to cover up what he is lacking. So I will conclude it's good to have both. Of course one seems to have slight edge above the other.

Did we know there are alot of business with zero amount? Yes there are alot,for example copywriting and more which you can start making money through them.

education is the best legacy. Both are important,money is important,and education is also important.

Both Education and money play a vital role in the life of an individual. Education and money are equally important. Money helps in getting a stature publically but education helps in earning respect. Wealth gives you a much broader range of choices than being poor does. It opens many doors for you that would otherwise be closed, however education gives an expansive sense to battle against a hostile to social disgrace. Education is one of the greatest frameworks of any nation and the entire wealthiest nation has the most astounding rate of literacy.

Thanks so much for reading.

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