How To Prepared Ofada Rice and local stew

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Note*pictures are downloaded from Google just for pictorial illustrations.Read patiently to get the logic.

Hi everyone, i wants to share with us this morning how to Prepare Nigerian rice called Ofada Rice. We all know rice is always delicious no matter how you prepared it. You can make it jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice,and white rice. Which ever you love eating your rice is always delicious. Ofada is always served in a leave and placed on a plate.

Not everyone love eating this local rice because to some it's abit stressful and takes time because of the parboiling and washing and to some they love it. Nigeria local rice is very good and more preferable to foreign rice because it has no sugar.

To prepare this food, these are what you will need

Local rice




Grounded pepper, tomatoes and onions

Cent leaf

Locust beans

Palm oil

Maggi to taste

Crabs and crayfish

cow skin (pomo)

Dried fish

Sliced Onions

Now let's get started

Pour your unwashedrice into a pot of water placed on the fire and parboiled for 8mins.

Sieve the parboiled rice and then wash thoroughly thereby removing the sands underneath. To do this, you will use your small sieve.

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After this you will pour the washed parboiled rice into a pot of water and add salt and place on the fire to boiled well as if you are just cooking the rice.

After 20mins, your rice is done. Set it aside and put another pot on the fire for your local stew.

Pour your palm oil and allow it to get warm for some seconds.

Pour your sliced onions and fry it for 5secs

Pour your grounded pepper and pour your life beans, crabs, crayfish,sliced cow skin,dried fish and cover

After few seconds, put your salt, Maggi and your cent leaf and allow it to steam together for 30secs.

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Hmmmmmm, yummy, your local stew is ready.serve your rice with the stew and enjoy.You can also enjoy it with fried platain

How many Nigerians do we have in the house??? Get yourself ready to enjoy.

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